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‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain Keith Colburn: How Is He After Battling Covid?

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Deadliest Catch Captain Keith Colburn may work the most dangerous job in the world, however, Covid’s “rogue wave” took him down earlier this year. How is the F/V Wizard’s skipper doing now?

How Is Deadliest Catch Captain Keith Colburn Doing After Getting Covid?

Although Captain Keith Colburn has been working on the Bering Sea for decades, in the most difficult of conditions, Covid is what knocked him down. He spoke to Nicki Swift about his “ordeal.” This was something he never imagined he would encounter.

He immediately went from the tough fishing captain to getting into the hospital and battling this out. Captain Keith had already finished his major seasons and grinding. But, he got knocked down by the virus that has taken down the world.

“You know, I pride myself in being, like, Mr. Safety.” Then the self-deprecating captain admitted, “Yeah, except when it comes to [my] body, which is on the homestretch of COVID.” After his “ordeal,” Colburn admits that he still needs oxygen.

Yes, he is doing better and he is grateful, but this very tough captain still needs breathing assistance to survive. Calling it a bit of an “ordeal,” he is still hanging in there.

When Did Deadliest Catch’s Captain Keith Get Covid?

Back in mid-April Deadliest Catch F/V Wizard captain shared some serious news on social media. Although this is usually Captain Keith Colburn’s off-time, he was battling the “rogue wave” of Covid-19. Turns out, in early April, he spent over a week in the hospital.

Turns out, Captain Keith was being treated for serious Covid. In addition, he battled Covid-related pneumonia. Because this was such a huge battle, Captain Keith wanted to make sure that the millions of fans of the Discovery show understand how serious this virus is. Even though he got over Covid, his illness lingered on with the after-effects of a Covid-related illness. Moreover, he wanted to make sure that everyone gets a vaccine.

On a Twitter post, the captain wrote the caption, “Covid is real. I’m sharing my story in the hopes that it may help you take actions to steer clear of this virus.  #COVID19  #Vaccine  #onthemend  #COVIDPneumonia  #day8  #BeSafe #deadliestcatch @Discovery @DeadliestCatch.”

In addition, Captain Keith spoke on a vídeo. He wrote, “I’m on day 8 in the hospital. I had done a 10-day quarantine, without any kind of medication, in a foreign country. So, I am working on 19-20 days now that I’ve had Covid.”

Next, Captain Keith explained. He wrote, “I am over the Covid. I believe I’ve got the antibodies now, in my system naturally. But, I am battling the remnants of pneumonia.” This seems to have knocked him down harder than anything he has battled on the Bering Sea.

Crab Fishing Series Continues

The Deadliest Catch Season 16 continues to air on Tuesday nights and the Discovery+ networks.



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