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Wait, Why Isn’t A New Episode Of ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ On?!

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Tomorrow is Monday and that means you’ll be tuning in to TLC to check out a new episode of Seeking Sister Wife. If you have discovery+, you might even try to watch a new episode of the series earlier in the day when it drops in the streaming service. Unfortunately, by now, you’ve probably discovered there isn’t a new episode on discovery+. Making things worse, there isn’t a new episode of Seeking Sister Wife airing at all. What happened? Why isn’t a new episode of Seeking Sister Wife on this week? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

Why Isn’t A New Episode Of Seeking Sister Wife On?

Regrettably, the answer to the question of why isn’t a new episode on this week is pretty simple. As we previously reported, the Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 Finale aired last Monday. So, there aren’t any more new episodes to air. So, a new episode didn’t air this week simply because the season is over.

Unfortunately, it does appear as if there won’t be a traditional tell-all after the season ended revealing some of the more juicy details. That being said, we also previously speculated the cast is likely free of their NDAs now. So, they can likely answer fan questions and clear up any confusion.

Seeking Sister Wife YouTube TLC

Will There Be A Season 4?

Season 3 was wildly popular among TLC views. So, it would make sense for the network to renew it for Season 4. That being said, Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 was a bit of a surprise as many fans had no idea the show was coming back for another season. It is possible various cast members of the series are currently working out deals with the network to see if they can move forward with renewing for Season 4.

While Season 3 is over… Details about the various family continues to come out via social media. So, stick with us at Tv Shows Ace. We’ll keep you updated on the various families. And, we’ll let you know about any new details regarding Season 4.

Seeking Sister Wife YouTube TLC

Do you hope there’s a Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife? Are you bummed a new episode didn’t air today Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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  1. Roberta, go back to Brazil and leave this couple alone. You are breaking Danielles heart (sorry bout the spelling).

  2. I sure hope there will be another season. Paige is not suited for the sister wife courtship or marriage, but I think Bernie really is!! Dimitri in LA may be on the right track for plural marriage because of his strick no hanky panky for an extended period of time. Something obviously Bernie and others have not adopted. Very intertaining group!

    1. The Snowdens are a hot mess. I don’t care if people have multiple spouses but I feel bad thinking about the kids meeting new girlfriends/wives only to have them leave again. You must be a season behind though, as Bernie was not on the current season- he actually passed away some time ago.

      1. The shows probably not going to bring the Snowdens back simply because Dimitri was charged with domestic violence against Christiline and she divorced his lousy butt, as she shouldve . As for Carrick and Danielle, all I can say is damn.. He really must not care about her because he can see what this is doing to her but is only out for Bert.

    2. Emily, did you see in the news that Bernie actually passed away! I think it was a heart attack and heat stroke. So he and Paige are definitely not coming back, sadly…..

  3. Will Cody and his four wives and multitude of children and the start of an army of grandchildren return? The Brown family has been aired more seasons and hold true to what plural marriage really is. Enjoy them all very much. Bring the Brown family back! !

  4. I was surprised to see that there was no more shows of seeking sister wife. I thought there would be another show but i was just tooken off air with no warning about the Season Finale of Seeking Sister Wife. I hope you will bring it back regardless of The Showdens. Please bring it back with or without The Showdens.

  5. That was a terrible time to stop Seeking Sister Wife. The Snowdens perhaps have reached a goal and could be followed up in the future. The Winders seemed ready for a break from active searching. The other three couples were ripe for more followup. What aches in me is that there was no warning the season was over even though the stories weren’t over. Yes, I want a Season 4 and more. I care for all these people. I’ll keep watching as long as families are willing to share their journeys. I’m not a sitcom watcher. I am interested in real people living lifestyles different from mine. It’s hard to never know what happened to people I’ve come to like.

    Note to a previous poster: It’s not Roberta who’s the problem for the Merrifields. It’s Garrick, who is so unemotional and doesn’t care (or doesn’t know how) to reassure his first wife that she’s still exciting to him. MHO

    1. Garrick doesn’t seem to be growing his family… just his self and own desires. I feel sorry for Danielle.

  6. The men are committeding adultery and the women are just standing by going along with what ever they say the girlfriend’s get to choose who there men go to bed with stop putting GOD in that mess

  7. Bring the show back!! I feel bad for Danielle..Garrick get your shit together!! I hope Bert doesn’t get pregnant. Show your first wife some compassion and stop acting like a horny teenager!!!!

    1. I agree 110%!!!! Bring the show back!!! I hope Danielle leaves his ASS!!! He’s just a horny cheater!!!

  8. Yes I want more seasons..I enjoy these people and their relationship s ..I like reality tv and I like the snowden’s and garrik is a creep for hurting his wife

    1. Show was full of abuse. Snowdens, what Garrick was doing as far as that goes what Cody is doing now. They end all need serious help and it shouldnt be rewarded or entertained on TV! TLC needs to stop with allowing this, the wemon tried to let them know about Snowdens however they ignored it so they are partially to blame for what happened this season!

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