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‘Sister Wives’: Are Kody & Robyn Brown About To Be Homeless?!

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As financial struggles continue for Robyn and Kody Brown, the Sister Wives stars may soon find themselves homeless. What’s going on exactly that’s threatening their current home? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

Robyn and Kody Brown have serious financial problems

It is no secret that Kody Brown blew a ton of money on the Coyote Pass. The family discussed building one giant home to live together in. But, most of his wives shut that down as not an option. Turns out, his wives don’t mind sharing a husband… But, they don’t want to share a house.  So, the plan was for the family to build four houses on the Coyote Pass land so they could live close. This would make it easy for Kody to commute between his four wives. To date, the Brown family have yet to build even one home on this land they paid a ton of money for. 

According to an exclusive report from The Sun, Kody Brown and his wife Robyn might end up losing the home they currently share. Turns out, Kody owes a pretty hefty tax bill on the home. A tax bill he’s neglected for a while now.

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Avoiding hefty tax bill: Soon to be homeless?

According to the media outlet, Kody Brown owes over $1,000 in taxes on the home he shares with his “favorite” wife, Robyn in Flagstaff, Arizona. In total, Kody owes $1,058.31 in property taxes. This total does include the interest. Arizona court records reveal Kody has actually neglected to pay the last two tax bills on the home he shares with Robyn. 

This home almost ended Robyn and Kody’s marriage

Now, Sister Wives fans will recall Robyn Brown did not want to buy the home. But, Kody more or less forced her into agreeing to do so. They purchased the home back in August of 2019 for $890,000. They had to find somewhere else to go because the home they were renting at the time was listed for sale on the market. 

Robyn was not interested in purchasing a home. She believed it would delay building their forever homes on the Coyote Pass land. Kody, however, threatened to dissolve his marriage and leave Robyn. So, she gave into him and they purchased the home. And, now, what Robyn feared as pretty much happened. Financially, the family cannot afford to build on the land. Making things worse, Kody is also skipping tax bills on the home he shares with Robyn. So, there is a chance they could end up losing that home too. 

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Is the Brown family so hard up for cash right now that Kody Brown cannot afford a $1,000 property tax bill? Do you think Kody and Robyn Brown could end up being homeless? Share your thoughts with us and keep coming back for the latest on the Brown family. 

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1 Comment

  1. I’m watched this show since day one and I have always had huge questions. How do they afford this life? Kody cruises around in a convertible Lexus among any other car he wants in the family. He doesn’t seem to work, not substantially. Meri owns the Inn in Utah which must have been a tough buy though I sympathize with why she bought it, god bless I would have too.

    Here’s the thing, my dad and stepmother moved to Mesquite, Nevada in 2010. My dad passed away and my stepmother, as well as my aunt and uncle live there, let’s say I know Utah, I know Nevada. One thing I don’t know is of all the polygamous families in Utah, and there’s a few, why were the Browns targeted?

    Also, THEY CHOSE VEGAS! They struggled on some of the mortgages in Vegas but in the end, they had close access with each other, the family had access, they had a private gated area all for their family and I reiterate, they CHOSE Vegas! Vegas seemed great! But, Kody was not happy. Like a fa*t in a skillet as my dad would say, he couldn’t sit still, not happy, let’s move AGAIN.

    They bought Coyote Pass, not that beautiful, there must have been better options? They struggled repeatedly with housing issues. Maybe having film crews was more a problem for neighbors and landlords than the lifestyle to be blunt.

    Kody’s constant need to change, move, live by his mood swings seems to have torn the family.

    If you can’t pay $1000 in taxes why not dump the land, why buy the house? The problem is not the wives, though unfairly, he has made it seem Robyn is his preferred wife. He constantly asks for more from Meri but then pushes her away. And Christine? She SHOULD be some man’s queen, not an option 3 in a group that’s really only got one wife who still wants more kids? Christine deserves a man that adores her sweet soul. She’s, it seems, realized that she’s not made for polygamy, or maybe not with Kody. Even when telling him she wanted to present moving to Utah to the wives Kody laughed in her face, come on?

    I’m sorry to Janelle but it’s so obvious. You’re great partners, but you all deserve love, Meri does, she’s alone, did anyone think of that?

    You had what you wanted in Vegas, you wanted houses near each other where the kids had regular access to everyone, what you really want seems to be anything but near each other. And it’s really sad to see

    I always wanted the best for you but the pandemic has shown a bright light on everyone’s relationships in the world whether polygamous or monogamous. And reality is hard, trust me. I’m sorry to see you all go through this.

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