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Blu Waldrop Gives Up Favorite Boots For Bigger & Better? [See Pics]

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Blu Waldrop, one of the little kids on TLC’s  Sweet Home Sextuplets, really keeps his parents, Courtney and Eric on their toes. Not in a nasty way, but he seems brimful of mischief. Actually, many fans quickly learned to identify him as he always seemed up to something. He loves wearing his rubber boots. But kids go through phases. Did he finally give them up?

Blu Waldrop has a distinctive personality

The sextuplet seems very much his own personality and he’s the one who always ends up doing something wild. Occasionally, he gives TLC fans a near heart attack. Since he was tiny, fans saw him perched precariously on crates, counters, stairs, and more. Actually, his mom admits that he definitely gives her high blood pressure. However, she and Eric obviously adore their son. So, she wouldn’t trade him for anything. Perhaps, as time goes by, he eases back. Or, the other kids become more like him. However, it seems that he’s one of a kind in the Sweet Home Sextuplets family.

Courtney Waldrop Reveals Which Sextuplet Raises Her Blood Pressure

It probably didn’t surprise many TLC fans that when Courtney called out the booger picker in the family, it was Blu Waldrop. She tried getting photos of all the kids together. However, that’s almost impossible. So, Courtney took one of the three girls and a separate one of her boys. Actually, Blu stuck his finger up his nose. Mind you as one fan suggested, it looked like Tag might have ready done the deed and transferred it into his mouth. Well, fans don’t mind seeing what Blu does as he’s definitely one of their favorite TLC stars.

Rubber boots are the only shoes that the little kid enjoys wearing

Blu Waldrop loves his boots so much that he wore his rubber boots everywhere. In fact, his mom told fans that he even wanted to wear them to church. Luckily he lives in a community that probably doesn’t mind too much. Actually, the whole community in Alabama seems very supportive of the Sweet Home Sextuplets family. As you can imagine with six babies and three older brothers, all the kids keep their mom and dad pretty busy. Fortunately, though, the sextuplets started sleeping through the night at just four months old.

Did the boot-loving boy give them up? Well, no, not really, but he did opt for bigger and better. Blu Waldrop decided to try on daddy’s boots for size. In her caption on Instagram, Courtney wrote, “Oh Blu💙 what would we ever do without you!!” Then she hashtagged the photo with “#makeslifefun #daddysboots #justlikedaddy

What are your thoughts on Blu who insists on wearing his rubber boots but traded them in for dad’s ones? Do you think he’s the cutest kid in Alabama? Sound off in the comments below.

Blu Waldrop Gives Up Favorite Boots For Bigger & Better
Credit: God’s Divine Nine | Instagram

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