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Jeremy Vuolo Says He Risked His Life Over Rapids

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Jeremy Vuolo enjoys playing a round of golf. Plus, Counting On fans know that he used to play soccer for the American Major League. However, the soccer days are way behind him now.  These days he studies as a pastor and always dresses very well. However, strolling around LA or preaching seems fine in his suit, button-down shirt, and dress shoes. In fact, he became famous for wearing very formal suits most of the time. This week, he went out hiking and didn’t change into the proper clothes. No wonder he said that he “risked” his life.

Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar often wear Nike shoes

Many photos of Jinger and her husband revealed that they wear the Nike brand of shoes a lot. Well, in the preacher’s case, usually when he’s out golfing. In May this year, Jinger showed off her brand new stroller, and yes, her new-looking Nike shoes featured in that photo. Well, that made TLC fans wonder why Jeremy didn’t wear some safe shoes when he went out into the woods. After all, if you can afford Nike for strolling around and golfing, then why not buy some decent shoes for hiking?

Possibly, Jeremy Vuolo doesn’t get out in the woods and wilderness all that often. After all, he seems at home in sinful LA these days. At least, his father-in-law, Jim Bob Duggar probably thinks it’s a place where the devil has his HQ. According to Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball, Jinger’s dad thinks California’s the “land of the heathens.” Anyway, this week on his Instagram, he posted a clip that showed him tottering and balancing his way across a log.

‘Rookie mistake’ says Counting On fan

Jeremy Vuolo shared about his hiking experience on June 8. On his Instagram post, his caption read, “Went on a hike and risked my life walking across these rapids.” Next, he told his Counting On fans, “Okay, so maybe it was only six inches deep. But I got through it with a great support team who were hoping I’d fall. Thanks, fellas 👊🏼.” Well, as he nearly toppled over and fell in the water, many fans asked why he wore those shoes! Many people also talked about his outfit that included a button-down shirt. Meanwhile, others asked where his Nikes were.

One fan told Jeremy Vuolo, “Went on a hike in those shoes? Rookie mistake!” Then, another one said, “For the record, it doesn’t matter how deep it is, it’s how fast the current is flowing. Even shallow water can be deadly and sweep you off your feet if the current is fast.”

Perhaps next time, Jinger’s husband takes along a pair of decent hiking shoes with him.

Jeremy Vuolo Says He Risked His Life Over Rapids
Credit: Jeremy Vuolo | Instagram

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