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Karen Derrico Meets Donor Family That Saved Her Daughter’s Life

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Karen Derrico from Doubling Down with the Derricos met the family of Dawsyn’s heart tissue donor. Actually, it took a long time. However, they finally met up and she talked about it on her vlog. In fact, they feel like family these days. Nowadays, she calls the family her “nephews,” “mother,” and more. Her story sounds very touching.

Karen Derrico from Doubling Down with the Derricos talks about Dawsyn’s Donor

TLC fans know that Dawsyn, one of the triplets Karen birthed in Season 1, arrived with a hole in her heart. Many fans prayed for the baby girl as she needed surgery. In fact, she seemed very sick, and later, she contracted COVID-19 and ended up with pneumonia. It seemed so bad, that many fans believed the story that she passed away. Actually, when the news hit Facebook, Deon addressed the rumor. No, in fact, their beautiful baby girl never passed away and seems to be doing very well these days.

‘DDWTD’: Did Baby Dawsyn Derrico Pass Away?

This year, Karen Derrico and Deon told Doubling Down with the Derricos fans that they celebrated Dawsyn’s “Alive Day.” On Sunday, March 21, Deon Derrico shared a photo of  Dallas, Denver, and Deniko with Dawsyn. The DDWTD dad wrote, “Happy Alive day world.” Well if you don’t know the show, Karen, Deon, his nephew, and his mom all help raise the multiple multiples. Counting the quints, triplets, twins, and singletons, they raise 14 kids. This week, Karen took to her YouTube channel and talked about how she met Dawsyn’s donor family after her second heart surgery.

Finding out about the donor came as a surprise for Dawsyn’s mom

Karen Derrico said on her Koffee With Karen vlog that Dawsyn underwent two heart surgeries. Then, after the second one, she went to the hospital but a nurse met her in the passage. A bit nervous, she thinks doctors and nurses who get friendly and invite you into a room, usually deliver bad news. Karen feared the worst. She looked in the room and saw loads of “nurses and doctors” around her baby. Feeling panicky, the nurse assured her “everything’s okay.” Next, the nurse told Karen they used “donor tissue” for the repairs on Dawsyn’s heart.

Next, Karen Derrico said she really wanted to meet the family of the donor who passed away. After jumping through a lot of hoops, she discovered the donor, a woman, passed away at the age of 39. Requiring a letter as part of the meeting process, she cried and cried as they saved her baby. She told the family of the donor that she considered them “family.” Finally, the family responded with a letter.

The meetup went so well, that these days, they feel like an extended family. Karen said that color and gender mean nothing. It’s all about “love.”

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