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Courtney Waldrop Calls Out The Booger Picker – Who Is It?

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Courtney Waldrop raises three girls, Rivers McCall, Rayne McCoy, and Rawlings McClaine. The three boys are Layke Bryars, Blu Wellington, and Tag Bricker. All the same age, the sextuplets really keep their mom and dad on their toes. Sweet Home Sextuplets fans can’t get enough of them on TLC. Fortunately, in-between seasons, their mom keeps fans updated via her Instagram.

Courtney Waldrop reveals the booger picker

The Sweet Home Sextuplets show on TLC brings a mix of charming moments and chaos. Eric and his wife raise nine kids in total and it’s not always bliss and joy. After all, the six little ones seem like a bundle of energy. Additionally, the older boys, Saylor, Bridge, and Wales need parenting, as well. Both on the show and on Instagram, it becomes evident that the family seems very candid about the difficult times. Recall, at one stage they tried potty training all six of them at once. That came when they lived in a trailer.

‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’ Fans Unhappy With Nudity Scenes During Potty Training

Courtney Waldrop once revealed that one of the sextuplets gives her the highest blood pressure moments. Probably, you guessed it was Blu. In May, she told her TLC fans that he exhausts them. She added, “you are like no other, you are the biggest stinker I know.” Then, she talked about how he raises her “blood pressure on an hourly basis .” Of course, the little bundle of mischief would never be traded for anything else as they adore their son. Fans know that since he was tiny, he always found a way to climb on top of the counters, or mess about on the banisters. Is Blu the booger picker?

Getting the kids to pose for photos without nose-picking

On Saturday, June 5, Courtney Waldrop shared photos of the three girls and three boys. The first photo revealed the three girls with big pink bows in their hair and matching tee-shirts. Fortunately, none of them picked their noses. However, the next shot revealed the three little boys. You probably guessed already that Blu hunted for boogers. Mind you, one fan noted, “The boys in pic #2. Their facial expressions. Ones picking, ones eating and ones getting the taste 😂.” In her caption, Courtney confirmed it was Blu with his finger up his nose.

Should Courtney Waldrop worry about the kids picking out boogers? Well, according to, it’s fine for kids to dig for boogers. In fact, the website claims, “Picking your nose and eating it might even be good for you.” Apparently, the “germs can act like a vaccine, teaching our immune system what pathogens are in our environment.”

Courtney Waldrop Calls Out The Boogar Picker Who Is It
Credit: God’s Divine Nine | Instagram

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