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Chase’s Life Remains In Danger, Is ‘General Hospital’ Killing Him Off?

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The character of Harrison Chase has been fighting for his life for the past few weeks on General Hospital. A new development came during the June 3 episode and it leaves viewers all the more worried that actor Josh Swickard might be leaving the show soon.

Bad News For Finn And Chase

As General Hospital viewers saw on Thursday, Finn confronted Peter on the GH rooftop. Finn begged for the antidote that would save Chase, and Peter cruelly destroyed it. The desperate and infuriated doctor pushed Peter down the stairs, seemingly killing him.

Finn had not had any luck recreating the antidote himself or finding another way to cure Chase. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that next week, Finn and Elizabeth will try once again to find a cure to save Chase. Since they know they can no longer rely on any help from Peter, they’re desperate to figure out a solution.

Credit: ABC General Hospital
Credit: ABC General Hospital

Swickard’s Star Is Rising

Swickard joined General Hospital in late 2018 and his character connected to quite a few central characters. He’s romanced Willow, been revealed to be Jackie’s son, and supposedly is Finn’s son, not Gregory’s. Viewers know that mobster Cyrus interfered with the DNA test on this, however. Given that, it could end up that Gregory was Chase’s biological father after all.

Despite all of those General Hospital storyline angles, Swickard’s been busy away from the set too. As The Cinemaholic noted, he’s got a deal with Netflix for some movies, and those released have done well. In addition, he and his wife recently welcomed their first child, Savannah. In fact, most of his recent social media posts have been highlights of family life, not updates from the set.

General Hospital Fans Are Worried

Despite the fact he has plenty he could tackle on General Hospital, Swickard’s got other opportunities too. He’ll be filming another Netflix movie over the summer, although in the past, he’s juggled movie and GH filming to not interfere with one another. Even so, his current storyline has him in a place where it’d certainly be easy for him to be killed off.

“Does Chase want off the show?” one fan wondered on Twitter.

“Poor Chase 🙁 I hope they’re not killing him off cuz he’s been sick for a while,” another posted.

“Why bring Greg and Jackie back now unless Chase is going to die? I mean, what’s the point of this?” someone else wrote.

No Concrete Signs Of A Departure

Luckily, there are currently no solid General Hospital spoilers indicating Swickard is actually leaving.

Both the storyline with Finn being his father and the love triangle with Willow still have a lot of story to tell. Killing off Chase at this point would be rather anti-climactic and General Hospital fans can feel fairly confident Chase will ultimately recover, just to face heartbreak over Willow choosing Michael.

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