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Tori Roloff Spills The Truth: Is Disneyland Little People Friendly?!

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Tori and Zach Roloff plan on taking a trip to Disneyland next month. And, they are thrilled about it. Tori is so excited she decided to open the floor for questions about the theme park on Instagram. One big question a fan had was regarding the height of her son and her husband. Is Disneyland little people friendly? Keep reading to see what Tori Roloff had to say about this question.

Is Disneyland Little People Friendly? Tori Roloff Spills The Truth

One concerned follow asked if there were limitations for Zach, Lilah, and Jackson when going to Disneyland. Tori seemed to really appreciate the question as she gave a pretty detailed response.

No. One of the things that we love most about Disneyland. Jackson can’t really ride any carnival rides so we tend to avoid places that have them. At Disney there is SOOOO much he can do because [there] aren’t height requirements.”

You can see a screenshot of the original question and Tori Roloff’s response down below.

Tori Roloff Instagram

Based on her response, it sounds like her whole family is able to have a great time at this particular theme park. So, it makes sense they wouldn’t necessarily want to go anywhere else. After all, why would they want to take Jackson somewhere that only had rides he couldn’t enjoy?

Disney, However, Isn’t Special Needs Friendly At The Moment

Unfortunately, this does not extend to special needs because of their mask policy. Disney has a very strict no mask, no entry policy that extends across their amusement parks and stores. The policy doesn’t make exceptions for individuals with special needs or medical issues that prevent them from wearing a mask.

Tori Saves Money On Off-Site Snacks And Stay

Tori Roloff admits they save money by staying off-site. They try to stay in Airbnbs most of the time. Tori Roloff also admitted that while she absolutely loves Disney treats and snacks on-site, they can get pretty expensive.

Tori Roloff Instagram

It certainly sounds like Tori and her family are gearing up to have a great time at Disneyland next month! Tori Roloff notes the park is expected to be at about 40 percent capacity at the time.

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