Exclusive Interview: Renteria Family Talks BYUtv’s Series ‘Survivalists’

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TV Shows Ace recently got the chance to speak to the Renteria family of BYUtv’s series Survivalists. Check out what they had to say about it.

Interview with Survivalists family

How did you end up on this show?
“We found ourselves on Survivalists after an online ad was posted in the middle of COVID as we were all quarantined. We were already together as a family and thought it would be fun to apply! We knew it would be a great way to challenge ourselves and, in the end, have some true emotions revealed. I believe we were actually a last-minute addition family, so we were only notified a week before we needed to leave, received plane tickets on Thursday and arrived in Utah by Saturday. So it’s safe to say we were unprepared. Actually, the furthest we’d ever traveled was only to Michigan (an hour away). We never thought we could survive the mountains, rivers and camping, all we knew was the we needed to go.”
Would you do it again?
“We would absolutely do it again! We loved making new friends and ended up bonding so much with our competitors, the Jones family. So much so that they became part of our extended family, honestly. We loved the challenges, the outdoors, the camping, the physical push to go beyond our previous limits, and most importantly we were so proud of what we could accomplish as a united front. However, we did discover that we found ourselves to be overly competitive. While we loved the competitions, we hated what the competition did to us. We quickly became obsessed with the need to win and as a result, we bickered quite a bit. Once we were able to let go of some of that competitive spirit and negativity, we began to relax and enjoy the challenges.”
Any spoilers you can give fans?

“As for spoilers, I can’t give away the ending but I will tell you there are absolutely a lot of tears. You’ll find some true edge-of-your-seat moments with the clock counting down, as well.”

Did you have to push out of your comfort zone a lot?

“I think that anytime you leave your own comfort zone, it’s easy for fear and anxiety to creep in quickly. That being said, every challenge or activity that was asked of us was something totally foreign. Physically we felt as if we could handle whatever they threw at us, but mentally the fear of the unknown was crippling. Repelling down cliffs, wading through freezing water, even simply using a compass, all of it mentally paralyzes you at times so you are forced to blindly trust yourself and your family.”

Would you say this is something you will never forget?
“Our experience on Survivalists is something we will absolutely never forget and wouldn’t change it for the world.”
An all-new episode of BYUtv’s original series Survivalists airs Tuesday, May 25 @ 9pm ET/PT, featuring the Jones Family of Matthews, NC and the Renteria Family of Maywood, IL. You can also stream past episodes for free on the BYUtv app or online at

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