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‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: May 24

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Last week on Seeking Sister Wife, the Winders spent more time with Kimberley. She came in from North Carolina and was learning more about their lifestyle. Sophie and Tami clicked with her but now it was time to see if Colton had a connection. Jarod and Vanessa went on a date with Emily who’s been a friend of Jarod’s for some time but she wasn’t the right fit. Not only is she bisexual but her zest for exploration threw the couple for a loop. Sidian took Alexandra out for their first date to a psychic. However, Alexandra is not ready to give up dating other men just yet and doesn’t want kids. So, Sidian must consult Tosha about further pursuing this relationship. Finally, the Merrifields returned home from Mexico. Dannielle addressed some jealousy issues but Garrick feels God needs to deliver her from her jealousy. Can she overcome?

A Day Out With The Winders On Seeking Sister Wife

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

To give Kimberley a feel for their lives, the Winders take her to their family farm. They joke it’s another one of Colton’s wives. He is also a pharmacist but this is a vital part of his everyday life. Sophie and Tami are expected to participate to pick up where Colton can’t. Kimberley is having fun because she loves being outdoors.

Colton says he is not seeing any red flags in her as she is kind and nice which are qualities he appreciates. She is contemplating riding a horse but is nervous as she was bucked off the last time she tried. In the confessional, Sophie does admit she is not seeing anything romantic yet. This will be hard if Colton and Kimberley are to be a match. Since Kim’s time is short in Utah, they are having a barbecue for her last night. She fits in great with the family but still skeptical about how she meshes with Colton.

Kimberley cannot say if she is attracted to Colton because she deems him a married man. At dinner, Colton brings up their religion. It is vital to them and whoever marries into the family must convert, as well. She feels it is similar to how she was raised as Baptist. Kim is enjoying learning about the Winders and what’s to continue this experience. She tears up as she is preparing to leave because she is just starting to get to know them.

The Merrifields Work It Out-Literally

Filming had been put on hold when the state of Colorado was put on a stay-at-home order. Now, the crew is back to catch up with the family. Garrick and Dannielle are at the gym where she admits this is where she goes to relieve her stress. COVID brought the couple closer together as they homeschooled their children and spent time together. However, they got some bad news from Roberta.

She tested positive for COVID. They prayed every day and night for her safety. She recovered but could not stay with her mom as she is older and has health problems. So, she went to her cousin’s home. It was hard to communicate and her cell service was rough. The cousin did not have internet so Garrick became even sadder than he was before.

Because of COVID, Roberta being 33 and not getting any younger, she and Garrick made a decision. The VISA process could take a while so they are going to skip over the Mexico wedding. Garrick and Bert are still planning a trip to Mexico but it is to make a baby. Dannielle feels very apprehensive about this decision and wants to keep talking about it. Garrick is done with that.

Sidian’s Seeking Sister Wife Date

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Tosha is excited to find out how Sidian and Alexandra’s date went. She was looking out on the date and says they were so cute. Tosha asks if they kissed and he says they did not. He says there were a lot of good parts and some concerning parts. Sidian admits she is not super into being a mom and is fine if she does not want to have biological children. Tosha grew into the mom role so maybe that is what Alex needs but they cannot push it on her.

Sidian then shares Alex is dating other people. That does not fit into the Joneses’ long-term goals. He says Alex has reservations but wants to get to know both Tosha and Sidian. So he proposes the three of them go on a date which Tosha likes.

The Clarks At It Again

Though it did not work with Emily, the Clarks will still remain friends with her. Jarod has been looking for another sister wife and found Christa, 37. She is from Texas and a nurse. They both really like her so are preparing to video chat with her. It will be the first time they are video chatting with her. She has children so she can relate to Vanessa.

They have been talking for a while now and they really like her and get along super well. Jarod wants to know why she likes this lifestyle. She says they all go through life together. Vanessa asks about jealousy but Christa says communication is key. They ask about her goals and she does want to go back to school at some point.

Jarod says there is always a need for medical professionals in all parts of the country. He is hinting at her coming to North Carolina. They agree she should come to visit and are eager to pursue a family with her.

Seeking Sister Wife With The Snowdens

All of Tayler’s stuff has been packed and sent to her in Texas. It is very surreal to them that they had two potential sister wives under one roof and now they have one. Without Tayler, things with Christeline have gotten much better. She has been in America now for five months. It makes her happy but she wishes the travel ban would be lifted so she could go see her family in South Africa.

Ashley and Dimitri feel great about Chrissy so they are talking about making the forever commitment. Dimitri says she is pretty much perfect. He wants to spend a lifetime with her but Ashley reflects on what happened with Vanessa. They had a huge wedding and it went up in flames. The easiest way to keep Chrissy here would be to legally marry her. Ashley and Dimitri are not legally married but they did have papers drawn up to protect Ashley if anything were to happen to Dimitri.

Advice From Dannielle’s Sister-In-Law

Dannielle’s sister-in-law has come by for some girl time. She is inquiring about how things are going with Roberta. It has been hard to connect since COVID. She shares the ceremony has been postponed because of the pandemic. Dannielle goes on to add that Garrick and Roberta are planning a trip around Bert’s ovulation schedule. This will help up their chances of her getting pregnant.

The hope is the embassy will be open and Roberta can be in Colorado when she gets pregnant. Dannielle’s SIL asks a bunch of questions. One is if Bert gets pregnant but gets stuck in Brazil and wants Garrick with her. He could very well leave her and go be with Bert instead. There are a lot of things that come up Dannielle just has not thought about. It is time she did.

Next time on Seeking Sister Wife, Alexandra arrives for her date with Tosha and Sidian. Meanwhile, the Clarks are wondering if polygamy is for them. Sophie and Tami await Colton’s feelings on Kimberley and Dannielle asks Garrick to wait with Roberta. Finally, Dimitri proposes to Chrissy and she is baffled. Don’t miss Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC and discovery+.

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