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Jarod Clark Preys On Vulnerable, Young Women?!?

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In the most recent TV Shows Ace report on Seeking Sister Wife the Clark family, fans learn that Kaleh moves on from the Clarks and is expecting her first child. Not only that, but she is also wearing a large ring. However, there are no details about “who the father is or if she is engaged.”  While this is good news for Kaleh, it seems like Jarod may not be that lucky. There are allegations that Jarod has a s*x addiction and preys on young women. Keep reading for more details.

YouTube account alledges that the Seeking Sister Wife Clark family preys on young women

Celeb Tv News reports that the Clarks prey on young women. They even dub the family as “seeking sister slave.” The video begins with a recap of the last episode. In the most recent episode of Seeking Sister Wife, Jarod approaches Emily about dating. At this point, that means that Jarod and his wife, Vaness go to see Emily.

Notably, it seems like Seeking Sister Wife fans have been turned off by the Clarks from the first episode of Season 3 of the show. It appears that this is in part due to the fact that Jarod calls himself King and his wives Queens.  Basically, he wants a kingdom with multiple queens. Ultimately, viewers feel like this polygamy dynamic is more out of the ordinary than most.

However, from the title of this Celeb TV News video, things may get even more out of the ordinary in regards to the Clarks. Things start to get controversial when the narrator of the video expresses that she is happy that Kaleh and the Clarks broke up. According to the narrator, all the Clarks wanted from Kaleh was for her to watch their children.

Next, the narrator recalls that Jarod “wants somebody that can be a mother to his other children.” Consequently, this comes back to the fan speculation that the Clarks seem to only be into polygamy to get a nanny.

After that, the narrator begins discussing how Jarod mentions he wants up to four wives. She also draws attention to the fact that Vanessa agress with him, “with a smile on her face.”

More speculation on Jarod Clark being a s*x addict

The narrator goes on to make speculations about Emily based off her appearance. Then, without any factual basis, the narrator says that Jarod is a “probably a s*x addict.”  Basically, the narrator speculates on the Clark family dynamic. She claims that the new wife will either be a nanny to the kids or work and help them split the bills.

Then, the narrator brings up that Emily is only 22-years old. Somewhat coincidentally, the narrator also mentions that Kaleh looks very young. With more speculation, the narrator describes how the Clarks are probably in their late 30s or early 40s. Furthermore, she doesn’t understand why the Clarks seek out women in their early 20s.

Ultimately, there’s no factual basis for any of the claims made in the video. Do you think the Clarks are preying young women? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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