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JoJo Fletcher, Jordan Rodgers Forced To Delay Wedding….Again

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Fans are excited to see former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher finally tie the knot with Jordan Rodgers. He was her final pick during her season. The couple has been trying marry for a while now. Their first wedding scheduled for June 2020 was postponed. The pandemic is to blame for them postponing their big day. Their next date was scheduled for May 2021. However, they were also forced to postpone that date as well. Keep reading to find out why and what their next steps are on their journey to wedded bliss.

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers postpone wedding again

US Weekly shared all about JoJo Fletcher’s wedding plans and their latest decision to postpone again. Why didn’t they get married in May 2021 since pandemic restrictions have eased somewhat? According to JoJo, when they had to make their final decision to go with it or postpone the wedding, the venue still had a capacity limit of 10 guests. So, they decided to postpone yet again. Many wonder why she didn’t just change her venue.

JoJo said, “This has been just a very fluid situation and one that I feel like Jordan and I have done a really great job of rolling with the punches and just realizing that a lot of it’s out of our control.” She continued, “We’ve already postponed it a year from the last time. And when we rescheduled it for this year, it was supposed to be this month. And when we had to make our final call, our venue is still at a 10-person maximum capacity.” She went on saying, “And everyone says, ‘Well, why wouldn’t you just move the venue and change your location and do all those things?’ Well, guys, it’s not that easy because there’s a lot of money tied up that we wouldn’t be able to get back!”

JoJo also said they absolutely love the venue they chose for their nuptials. They don’t want to change it. They are trying to be patient and just know their special day is coming.

She also said, “We’re at peace. We don’t want to sacrifice that day. Unfortunately, it is not what we expected, but we’re staying positive about when it does happen.”

The venue isn’t changing but something else probably is

While JoJo and Jordan are set on their venue, there is something else that will most likely change. JoJo shared she hasn’t even seen the dress she originally picked out for her big day. She noted it will be most likely three years old before she gets to wear it. Therefore, JoJo said she may go dress shopping again and try some on. Perhaps she will find one she likes better than her original choice.

One thing is certain. JoJo and Jordan can’t wait to officially be married. The couple is currently living in Puerto Rico while they are working on construction sites for their new show. 

No announcement has been made about their next chosen wedding date. It sounds like 2022 will be their next try.

Their love is still going strong and no doubt they will make it to their wedding day. JoJo and Jordan just celebrated five years togethers.

Stay tuned for more updates.




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