Seeking Sister Wife Tosha Jones identifies with bee

‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Tosha Jones Identifies With A Bug

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During this season of Seeking Sister Wife, fans get to know a new family. For Season 3, cameras follow Sidian and Tosha Jones as they look to expand their family with a sister wife. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like things are going according to plan for the couple. TV Shows Ace previously reports on how the couple’s been “canceled, ghosted, and dumped.” Some may find this confusing since, from the looks of Tosha Jones’s Instagram profile, she appears to be a nice, relatable woman.

Seeking Sister Wife fun facts about Tosha Jones

In Seeking Sister Wife Tosha Jones’s Instagram bio, she lists a couple of fun facts about herself. Fans often wonder what TLC stars do for money and according to Tosha’s bio, she is a real estate agent. Tosha also lists mom, busy bee, and historical enthusiast. Not only that, but she runs a shop on Amazon called Tosha Jones Print Shop. Tosha Jones Print Shop sells graphic t-shirts and hoodies.

Seeking Sister Wife Tosha Jones’s latest Instagram post circles back to her busy bee reference in her bio. This post also relates to other posts on her page about some different mythos. According to Merriam-Webster, mythos is “a pattern of beliefs expressing often symbolically the characteristic or prevalent attitudes in a group or culture.”


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A post shared by Tosha Jones (

What bug does Sidian’s wife identify with?

Notably, the mythos from Tosha’s most recent Instagram post is the “Bumble Bee Mythos.” The image reads, “Even if I am weak, I can still be kind. For true power is in giving instead of taking.” In a lengthy caption, Tosha writes about what this means to her. Keep reading to find out how Tosha relates to the bee.


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A post shared by Tosha Jones (

In her caption, Sidian Jones’s wife acknowledges that she is not always successful at being kind. However, she writes, “but I try to bring a heart of gold to everything I do!” With that sort of outlook on life, some may find it perplexing that the couple is struggling to find a sister wife to join their family.

Next, Tosha explains why she identifies with the bee. “The bee has become a role model to me,” shares the TLC star. She goes on to list the reasons why. Tosha shares, “They’re hardworking, give back to their community and make life sweeter.” This is just Tosha’s short explanation about why she identifies with bees. She writes, “They symbolize more than that to me but we shall keep it short and sweet today.”

In conclusion, she wants to know what animal her followers identify with. Sadly, at the time of this writing, the post has been up for four hours and has only garnished 9 likes and no comments. Let us know in the comment section below what animal you identify.

Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Seeking Sister Wife news. Make sure to tune in to TLC for new episodes.

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