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Danielle & Adam Busby Return From Cancun Vacation – Missed The Kids

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Danielle & Adam Busby sometimes leave the kids with their extended family and take a break alone. This time, they visited Cancun in Mexico, one of their favorite destinations. From their social media, it looks like they enjoyed a well-deserved break after their busy filming for Season 8 of OutDaughtered. However, on their return, Danielle said that she missed the kids.

Danielle & Adam Busby always get slammed when they take a vacation

OutDaughtered fans see the family on vacation quite often on the TLC show. Additionally, they try and get away with the kids over spring break, and in the summer. Fans also see them out and about in winter. Usually, at least a few people troll on their social media posts when they travel anywhere. They wonder how they can afford it. Then, if they go without the kids, more people troll on them as if they just locked the kids in a cupboard and took off for their own fun.

In fact, when fans wondered if they also bought a beach house, some people slammed them for that. However, others pointed out that often, TLC covers the costs of many of their vacations they film for the show.

Beach House Too Costly? Adam & Danielle Busby’s Net Worth Revealed

Last year, Danielle & Adam Busby took the kids with them to Cancun. Back then, critics slammed them for traveling during the coronavirus even though the hotel was only at 30 percent capacity. Meanwhile, on their latest trip away, we noted that most fans seemed happy for the popular OutDaughtered couple. However, a few fans complained about them going on vacation again. Adam always believes that keeping themselves in a good place spills over into a happy family. Additionally, it’s not like the kids don’t feel at home with their extended family who helped raise them from birth.

Danielle says that she missed her kids while they were away

Just because Danielle & Adam Busby enjoyed their trip away doesn’t mean the kids were out of sight and out of mind. Posting up a photo of the kids on May 18, she said, “Back to the grind! Took a little time away from the socials over [the] last few days while Buzz & I enjoyed our little vacay… but let me tell you…I missed all these little faces 💕.”

Fans of Danielle & Adam Busby agreed that they would also miss the kids as they all look so cute. One of them noted, “Im pretty sure they missed you all like crazy !! 😀🙏” Then another fan commented, “So sweet. They are all growing especially Blake. Always good to have some momma daddy time!”

Danielle & Adam Busby Return From Cancun Vacation - Missed The Kids
Credit: Danielle Busby

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