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Courtney Waldrop Rejoices As Truckloads Of The Green Are Dumped

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Courtney Waldrop sounds delighted as she told her Sweet Home Sextuplets fans that they get “truckloads” of sod to lay. Fans knew that they renovated the ranch-style home and lived in a trailer. So, perhaps now Eric landscapes his own garden. As far as the little kids go, they think the piles of sod just bring an opportunity to play outside on the big green squares.

Courtney Waldrop can’t wait for new green lawns instead of dirt

TLC fans know that Eric runs a landscaping and garden maintenance business. So possibly, his own company lays the sod. When the trucks started delivering it, lots of big piles built up in long rows. The sextuplets all climbed on top of the soft dirt and grassy slabs. A lot of TLC fans laughed as the kids were there for it. Later, their mom shared a video clip of all six little kids running along the top and jumping from bale to bale. Some fans stressed as they worried the kids might fall between the piles. However, it looks like their mom kept a close eye on them.

One fan suggested that all that sod must “cost a fortune.” Well, Courtney Waldrop and her husband supplement their income with TLC’s Sweet Home Sextuplets show. We reported that “it’s estimated that the family makes anywhere from $25,000 to $40,000 per episode.” On top of that, Eric also works and runs his landscaping business. Recall, he worried about income from the business during the coronavirus quarantine. Additionally, they run their farm with sheep and cattle on about 40 acres.

Eric Waldrop Looks Like This After Milking The Cows?

Additionally, as Eric deals in landscaping, he might have managed a bulk discount.

Sweet Home Sextuplets kids love the piles of sod

Actually, Courtney Waldrop didn’t say the sod came in for her own gardens. However, she seems excited, so that’s possible. Of course, farmers often order sod in by the ton for their pastures as well. Nevertheless, the big piles of sod mean that the little kids enjoyed the occasion. In her caption, the TLC star wrote, “Truck load by truck load….sod is coming in and dirt is going away!!🙌🏻🥳🙌🏻. Woop Woop!!”

The photos that Courtney Waldrop shared showed the kids enjoying the big soft piles.  One fan commented, “Lucky sweet beautiful babies.” Well, Courtney replied and thanked the fan. Actually, the kids seem very lucky as they live a lovely rural life in Alabama. Plenty of space means they run around and enjoy the outdoors almost every day. Similarly, another fan noted, “Your kiddos always look like they are having a blast. Lucky kids!!!.”

Courtney Waldrop Rejoices As Truckloads Of The Green Are Dumped
Credit: God’s Divine Nine | Instagram

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