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‘Return To Amish’ Star Jeremiah Breaks Down During Phone Call

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Return to Amish star Jeremiah Raber has been catching up with friends and family quite a bit lately. In one recently released video, the reality star is hanging out with his biological family. During that reunion, he gets to speak to someone he’s never spoken to before.

Jeremiah grew up in the Amish community but eventually decided to leave. After his departure, the Return to Amish star found a great deal of his biological family. He’s spent months meeting different parts of the extended clan. In the most recent episode, he finally speaks to his grandmother for the first time.

That particular reunion is so emotional for him, he can’t handle it. When his uncle puts his grandmother on the phone, he’s able to say hello. Beyond that, Jeremiah broke down. His family, sitting near him, patiently waiting to share the day with him, understood why he’d become emotional. They told Jeremiah his grandmother was likely crying too.

Eventually, the family decided the first long conversation between the two would have to wait. His uncle told the matron of the family that Jeremiah would get her number. He would then call her when he’d pulled himself together. The grandmother and grandson then made plans to speak later.

Return To Amish Star Is Spitting Image

Before the phone call, the rest of the family was just sitting around with Jeremiah talking about themselves and others who weren’t there. While the reality star held it together fairly well for the most part, it became clear quickly that he was a bit overwhelmed.

For the most part, Jeremiah allowed others to do the talking. However, there are a few times in the clip when he can be seen chatting and smiling. Throughout the short video, several members of his biological family tell the camera, separately, that it’s easy to see the family resemblance.

Missy, who identifies herself as Jeremiah’s biological cousin talked about how strange it was to be meeting a member of the family for the first time.

“He kind of fits right in,” Missy started off saying. “It’s … kinda creepy. There are mannerisms. It’s weird because they’re ingrained and they’re not learned obviously, because we just met him. But there are a lot of things between people that are very similar.

Another of Jeremiah’s cousins agreed that the Return to Amish star looked very similar to other members of the family. He said that it was “like looking in the mirror sometimes.”

What It Was Like To Be Amish

Another part of the conversation focused on Jeremiah’s past. One family member asked what it was like to grow up Amish. The reality star laid it out quite simply. He said he mostly just read a bunch of books. He added history was his favorite subject.

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