return to amish fans spar over education

Return To Amish Fans Spar Over Rosanna And Maureen’s Education

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Return to Amish fans were blown away by the gaps in Rosanna and Maureen’s education. A recent video posted by TLC showed the two are looking to get their GED. In the video, the two young women met with a GED counselor to take an assessment. This meeting was to establish just how much their Amish education had taught them. It turns out, the answer to the question was “not much.”

The clip began with both Maureen and Rosanna expressing how nervous they were. Both wanted to figure out just how much they knew about “English” history. For those not familiar with the religion, the English are those of us in the United States outside of the Amish community.

It turns out neither girl knew as much as they might have hoped. Maureen especially didn’t think she’d have a problem with it. However, once the questions turned to a specific curriculum both were stumped.

Return to Amish fans watched both girls not be able to answer questions about science. Not even the moon and the stars. Neither young woman was able to talk about any wars that happened in the country’s history. The two women’s answers were certainly shocking. However, fans of the show were not in agreement about just how concerning it was.

Return To Amish Fans Express Concern

On the show’s Instagram page, several fans fought about the two girls’ answers.

“Oh my goodness. I can understand they don’t know chemistry,” one fan wrote. “But history? Wow. No war. Well Rosanna that would have been amazing if there had been no wars. What a wonderful world that would have been. And what a wonderful sheltered world you to ladies have came from. Please stay there because our world is so much more cruel.”

Another follower expressed solidarity with the girls.

“I was homeschooled with a Christian curriculum,” she wrote. “And once I became an adult and interested in applying for colleges, it became very apparent how much knowledge I lacked in science. I was taught Creation, not Evolution.”

Indeed, other viewers were dismayed to see such a lack of knowledge. However, that didn’t mean that everyone thought the girls were in trouble.

Rosanna and Maureen Have Time

Some viewers thought the Return to Amish stars weren’t in the precarious position others did. Indeed, they thought just a little brushing up would make everything ok. However, one said it would take a while.

“These girls are adorable,” one wrote. “A year or 2 of general Ed will put them on track.”

After one fan wrote that it was a shame the Amish community had such poor education standards, another Instagram user fired back.

“Why don’t u just worry about your own live” they wrote. “Us Amish are fine.”

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