Ysabel Brown Spills: Did ‘Sister Wives’ Moms Protest Revealing Dress?!

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Ysabel Brown posted stunning new photos on her Instagram of a new dress. However, fans are wondering how her mom is okay with the straps? Sister Wives star, Ysabel, is breaking it down for everyone.

Ysabel Brown spills the tea

Ysabel is Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter. She posted some photos of Instagram of herself in a floor-length, shiny, form-fitting dress. One thing fans notice though is the spaghetti straps on the dress. Of course, the moms on Sister Wives are usually more conservative when it comes to clothing.

One fan starts by saying “Hi I’m curious. When I started watching the show it seemed like the moms were a bit more conservative with like dress code. Were your spaghetti straps okay with them now or did you still have to convince them?”

They continue by asking if the dress code has lightened any or what exactly is going on.

“Do you feel like the modest dress code has lessened over the years? Btw this is not judgment at all (you looked great in your dress) I’m just going based off what was said in the show about dress code/modesty,” they write.

Of course, Ysabel had a great and mature answer. Apparently, there is still a modest dress code. However, when there’s something special going on, she can get around it.

She also notes that when she dresses modestly it is for herself, not just for the moms.

“i try to be as modest as possible for myself and to respect my parents but if it’s a fancy event then i think i get a pass lol,” she writes.

Ysabel Brown | Instagram

Her interesting footwear

Aside from the dress, Ysabel looked amazing. However, there was one interesting twist to her outfit. The Sister Wives star was wearing tennis shoes with her fancy dress.

Not only is she wearing chunky white sneakers, but also some thick tube socks. Of course, no one would know because the dress is so long, so it’s definitely a good way to stay comfortable while dancing the night away with friends.

She wasn’t the only one either. All of her friends in the photo are also wearing chunky sneakers with their fancy dresses. Whatever makes them happy!

Do you think Ysabel’s dress is too revealing? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite Sister Wives stars.

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