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Tyra Boisseau Slams A Fan As She Returns To Instagram

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Tyra Boisseau took a break from Instagram for a bit. Now, she returned and she holds regular live sessions. The Unexpected star found some trolls when the news emerged that she and Alex split. Heavily divided, some fans like that she acts maturely about their split. However, others still slam her for everything under the sun. Not taking the lies, she put a fan down who started telling a fib about her.

Tyra Boisseau took a break from Instagram because of toxicity

We reported that Tyra went off to college and Alex devoted himself to raising their daughter, Layla. Then, when she came back home, it all seemed very strange, She seemed cold toward her baby daddy. Fans became angry as she treated him badly, they thought. Later, the news emerged that Alex cheated on her with Hanna Cole. It’s not clear if her coldness came because she knew he cheated, or if he cheated as Alex felt she took him for granted. Things became very toxic so Tyra then left Insgtrgam for a bit.

‘Unexpected’ Star Tyra Boisseau Takes A Break From Instagram

Tyra Boisseau also defended Hanna and Alex at one stage. She told her fans to stop being so mean “on her behalf.” Assuring them that she and Alex finally ended completely, she told them that she won’t tolerate so much hate. A lot of TLC fans gave her kudos for her mature attitude. Nevertheless, she came back soon enough, as Unexpected stars so often do. Nowadays, she hosts a lot of live sessions. However, it seems some people just go there and troll on her. @Mia Davis on YouTube shared a few of her recorded sessions and in one of them, it became obvious fans sometimes make up stories.

An Unexpected fan alleged that ‘Alex paid all her bills’

Previously, Tyra Boisseau left the room and while she went away, fans started trolling on the age of her couch. Plus, they said mean things like “clean under your couch.” That sets the mood on some of the trolls she attracts these days. After all, nobody could even see under the couch. In a separate incident, Tyra grew angry with one fan who accused her of letting Alex pay all her bills. The allegation seems that she used him for his money so she could go and play at college.

Well, Tyra Boisseau called out the lie, saying that never happened. Then, putting down the troll, she continued by  saying, “so what if he did?” After all, it seems that Tyra really doesn’t care what people think about her. However, she won’t tolerate people who invent stories and lie about her.

With Alex Wilson gone, it’s not clear if Tyra returns for a fifth season of the show. So for now, fans turn to her Instagram for the tea from Unexpected. Hopefully, all these trolls don’t chase Tyra Boisseau off the platform.

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