‘Temptation Island’ Erin Gets Smooch From Corey On Instagram

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If fans are still wondering if Temptation Island Erin and Corey are still together, that question has been answered. In a new Instagram post, Erin is getting a big smooch from Corey.

Temptation Island Erin smooches Corey

As soon as Erin and Corey entered Temptation Island it seemed like they would stay together. Erin held on tightly to Corey’s hand as they introduced the singles. But, when they went to their own villas, they both went through a lot of self-growth.

They agreed to stay together after the final bonfire, but things got dicey during the reunion. Luckily fans can turn to Erin’s Instagram to see how the couple is really doing.

She just posted a photo of herself and Corey and honestly, they look stunning. Working through their problems looks great on them.

Erin is wearing a tight red dress with her blonde slicked back. She is getting a big smooch from a  dapperly dressed Corey on the cheek.

She captions the photo: “Ladies and gentlemen… Him ❤️.”

Their love for each other can be felt in the photo. Corey even responds to Erin in the comments reciprocating the feelings.

“I’m one lucky guy ! Love you babe ❤️, ” he writes.

It seems like the show really ended up bringing these two together. Now, they will hopefully stay together forever.

Erin Smith | Instagram

Erica and Kendal can’t say the same

Unfortunately, not all Temptation Island couples can say they stayed together after the thrilling season. It’s really no surprise that Erica and Kendal weren’t able to make it work, even from the start they had huge differences. Kendal made it clear the whole time that there were no rules and even had a threesome while in the villa.

Erica didn’t take this lightly and ended up breaking up with him at the final bonfire.

Of course, fans were skeptical that they would still get back together. But, Erica shares things on her Instagram. She lets everyone know that they are not in fact still a couple.

Erica says that they don’t even talk anymore because there is no reason for them to. At the end of the day, she just wishes them (Kendal and Alexcys) the best.

Are you glad to hear Temptation Island Erin and Corey are still together? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for updates on all of your favorite Temptation Island couples.

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