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Is ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ Season 2 Going to Happen at Netflix?

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Jupiter’s Legacy is one of the big Netflix releases in May 2021. Now you’ve binged the first season, you want to know about Season 2.

There is no doubt that Jupiter’s Legacy had an outstanding cast. It also brought some lesser-known individuals in, offering a chance to show off their skills. The question now is whether the show itself was good enough to hold viewers’ attention to land a second season.

What Was Jupiter’s Legacy About?

Jupiter’s Legacy gave viewers a story told over two timelines. The first focused on the past. Set in the 1930s, viewers followed Sheldon Sampson as he struggled with his father’s suicide. Sheldon had visions leading him to gather his brother, friend, and three others to go on a journey to a cave. There, they became superheroes, which we saw in the present day.

The second story in the present day focused on the aging superheroes and the new generation. Their children had a lot to live up to, and they all felt the pressure placed on them. It wasn’t just about being good superheroes, but also about following a code from the past in a world where that code may not fit.

Also within the present day was another storyline involving other children of the superheroes stealing items and working off dangerous debts. It was a relatively bloated story that was sometimes a little too much to follow.

Will There Be a Second Season?

Netflix isn’t going to make a decision about Jupiter’s Legacy just yet. The series only dropped on Netflix on May 7, 2017, and it usually takes one to two months to finalize decisions. Netflix wants to look at the viewership data to make sure it is good enough for a second season.

Netflix shows don’t work like traditional broadcast shows. The first season is the “pilot episode,” and Netflix will look at the number of people who start the season and work through it to the end. A large drop-off in viewers is concerning for Netflix. It tells Netflix the second season won’t necessarily have a large following, and it may not be financially viable.

While Nielsen gets some streaming data, it’s not fully reliable. The streaming data was good for The Irregulars, according to Deadline, and yet Netflix canceled the show after just one season. Netflix’s specific data showed the series didn’t have a strong enough following. This is something Netflix will look at for Jupiter’s Legacy, so fans will have to wait and see what Netflix chooses to do. Reviews aren’t great, which has many concerned about the show’s future. The series is on the bloated side when it comes to plot, trying to cover too many storylines in one season.

What did you think of Jupiter’s Legacy? Would you like to see a second season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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