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What Is Hazel Busby Up To That Grossed Out Her Mom This Weekend?

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Hazel Busby fans mostly think that the redhead is very cute. Actually, sometimes TLC fans think her mom and dad show more photos of her than the other quints. However, it usually balances out over time. After all, if they don’t share photos of Hazel and share about the others, the same accusation comes out. Sometimes, fans claim they share only photos of the twins, or Riley, and  Parker. Anyway this weekend, Danielle shared clips of the whole family out in the yard. One of them featured Hazel and she grossed her mom out. What was the OutDaughtered quint up to?

Hazel Busby loves creepy crawlies

We reported in April that Danielle, usually tough and strong really has one major phobia. In fact, it probably directly clashes with the quints who seem unafraid of what she hates. She told her fans on Instagram that she really hates “roaches.” However, we noticed that the kids just adore bugs of all kinds. From crawfish to frogs, June bugs, and more, if they find something with more than two legs, they proudly show them off to their mom and dad.

Strong ‘OutDaughtered’ Mama Is TERRIFED Of These

During the quarantine, fans noticed that when boredom set in, often, the OutDaughtered kids went out into the yard and explored for bugs. Hazel Busby featured in some previously unseen footage that her dad posted on Youtube in early March. Growing tired of messing about on their scooters, Riley went off and tried growing some plants from leaves. After all, she didn’t have any seeds handy. Meanwhile, the twins found a dead bug that stank to high heaven, and Hazel seemed grossed out. However, that didn’t stop her from joining her other sisters hunting for June bugs. Notably, Danielle wasn’t there. Nevertheless, it wasn’t a June bug that grossed out Danielle this weekend.

The little redhead grosses out her mom

On Saturday, Danielle took to her Instagram stories and shared a lot of clips. Hazel Busby and her sisters, plus Adam all featured in them. Danielle told her TLC fans that the weather was cloudy. However, it stayed warm, so they just “chilled” by the pool. Actually, the girls chilled while dad Adam worked in the garden. She said that the Texas snow and the big freeze killed lots of their plants. Probably, Hazel wandered off to watch him work. At one stage, she appeared in a clip with something to show her mom.

Hazel Busby produced a plant pot and her mom looked to see what was inside. Well, it turned out that she had some big fat earthworms in it. So, Danielle went like “Eew Hazel!” Pulling back, she asked her daughter what she was doing with them. So, little bossyboots said, “I’m keeping them inside!” before stalking off. While Danielle laughed unconvincingly, “haha,” she probably hates the idea of those creepy things in the house.

Hazel Busby Grossed Out Her Mom This Weekend
Credit: Danielle Busby | Instagram

Luckily, Hazel Busby didn’t collect a plant pot full of roaches for her mom! Have your kids ever brought you unexpected presents? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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