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How Much Alike Are Todd Chrisley & Daughter Savannah? Fans Weigh In

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Todd Chrisley and his daughter Savannah share a close relationship although she sometimes gets a bit too adventurous for his taste. The tight-knit duo from Chrisley Knows Best often compliment each other and now Savannah called her dad a “superhero.” Of course, fans on Facebook who saw the post discussed her photo and then compared their similarities.

Todd Chrisley and his adventurous daughter Savannah seem very tight together

Savannah found a lot more fans when she launched her Sassy Savannah cosmetics line. Working really hard on it, she finally launched it, then arranged more stock before relaxing a bit. It seems that she finds ways of de-stressing and refueling through rather adrenaline-boosting ways. We reported that recently, Savannah went skydiving.  While she totally enjoyed her extreme outing, some fans seemed surprised that Todd didn’t object. After all, he’s very protective of his kids.

Actually, Chrisley Knows Best fans know him as a funny guy. However, he’s doesn’t seem the sort of person who risks life and limb for anything. Well, it turned out that Savannah never confessed her intention to Todd Chrisley. On her social media, she told USA Network fans, “Haha I didn’t tell him… because I knew he’d lose it.” Well, her half-brother Kyle seems rather like his dad in that respect. He told adventure girl Savannah, “You’re crazy as hell Savannah that is terrifying.” Some fans thought that she probably inherited that side of her from Todd’s mom, Nanny Faye.

Did her dad spit Savannah out?

Taking to her Facebook on Friday, Savannah tagged Todd Chrisley. She captioned a nice photo of them standing together with, “This guy right here…He’s a true superhero!❤️ Question: do we look alike?” Well, some fans didn’t think they looked all that much alike. In fact, many Chrisley Knows Best fans decided she looks more like Julie. Meanwhile, some mean-spirited people told her that the only similarity is that they both “overdo the botox.” However, offsetting that, one nice fan commented, “I absolutely love your family!!! I think you look like your Mom & Dad!! I hope to run into you guys when I am in Nashville 😁😁.”

As the conversation went on, one fan said that Todd Chrisley looks very much like his daughter. In fact, the fan wrote, “It looks like he spit you out.” Then they added, “The shorter your hair is the loom is twins.”

What do you think? Does Savannah look like her mom Julie? Or, did her dad “spit her out?” With her being such an adventure girl, even if she looks like her dad, do you think they seem alike in personality? Sound off in the comments below.

Todd Chrisley Spit Adventure Girl Savannah Out
Credit: Savannah Chrisley | Instagram

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