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Tayshia Adams And Her Mother Know How To Set Off Water Works

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Tayshia Adams, the most recent Bachelorette and host of Katie Thurston’s season, shared her biggest cheerleader has always been her mom. In an interview, she said Rosaria Adams was always there.

Tayshia said she doesn’t know how her mother had a job and took care of four kids. If they were doing something, be it a sport or school event, she would be there. Tayshia said, “Mom has always been there for us and a very present, hands-on mom. My mom did it all.”

Tayshia Adams Isn’t With Her Mom At The Moment

Tayshia Adams and Rosario did the interview in different states via Zoom. According to E News Rosario said Tayshia was a good girl as the oldest of her children. She said Tayshia went to an all-girl high school and did great.

She’d been close to home when she went to college but got a wild urge to join Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. Her mother also said, “I just love my daughter so much. We did actually see her fall in love.” Adams enjoyed watching her journey.

Tayshia said, “I’m just grateful for my mom’s grace,” she explained. “No matter what, she’s always tried to do her absolute best and if she couldn’t provide what she wanted to provide, she made the best out of every situation.”

Instagram, Tayshia Adams
Instagram, Tayshia Adams

Momma Wants Some Babies Sooner Rather Than Later

Tayshia Adams got the ‘when are you going to have kids’ talk from her mother quickly. Her mom said she wanted her to have five kids. Rosario said, “She loves kids. I think Tayshia would be such an amazing mom.” Bachelor nation does love its babies, but she probably wants the honeymoon to get going before the baby-making does.

Tayshia said she would have a lot of family traditions to uphold. She is happy her mom is able to guide her through everything and did so while she looked for love in Bachelor Nation.

The Reality Star Relied On Her Faith

Throughout the process, there was one thing Tayshia could count on. Tayshia said her mom has always encouraged her to lean on her faith. She said that was something she is bringing into her relationship. She said religion was something “my mom has always made us involved in. Whether it’s going to church or going to private school if we can in order to have that religious education a priority, it really has made a difference in all of our lives as kids.”

She ended the interview by saying she is grateful for her mom’s heart. The bond the two share had a lot of fans shedding tears at how sweet they are. Did their interview have you wiping your eyes, because of the bond? Comment with your thoughts down below.

Watch Tayshia’s hosting debut on June 7 when Season 17 of The Bachelorette premieres.

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