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Did Peter Weber’s Relationship With Mom Suffer After ‘Bachelor’ Drama?

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Barbara Weber will go down as one of the most outspoken parents in Bachelor history. She had no problem giving her son advice and showing exactly how she felt. Many loved her for it, others not so much. However, with all the interference and many thinking she controlled Peter too much, how is their relationship more than a year later?

Barbara Weber and Peter Weber’s relationship a year later

US Weekly caught up with Barbara recently and got the scoop on her current relationship with her son. Many may wonder if Peter moving to New York City has anything to do with his parents. Recall, he lived with them until this big move to the east coast.  So, how is his relationship with his mom?

As it turns out, Peter and his mom are closer than ever. Barbara dished on it all. She said, “You saw my personality on that night of the finale. I mean the most important thing in my life is my family.” She continued, “I’ve always said this. It doesn’t matter how many cameras are there in front of me. It doesn’t matter, you know, how many people are around me. And it was packed, that audience is packed. It doesn’t matter. The most important thing in my heart is my family. And I will always be there for my sons. And I’m very transparent and I will speak the truth and everybody who didn’t like it, you know, what I always say, ‘They have two problems — not liking it and getting over it.’”


Many loved Barbara’s no-nonsense attitude

Yes, there were many who thought Barbara was interfering too much. However, there were also many who loved her outspokenness. Barbara said, “It’s made me feel really, really good that people that were against what I said that night have come back to me to say, you know, ‘I have this problem with my child, can you please help me?’” She continued, “Or, ‘My daughter is doing this,’ and they’re asking me now for advice. They become friends!”

Needless to say, Peter and his mom, along with the rest of his family are doing great. The family is still waiting for Peter to find “the one” to bring home. They both agree that when someone marries they are marrying the family too. It’s important to Peter that everyone gets along.

What do you think about Peter and Barbara? Did you like her outspoken attitude?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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