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Witney Carson Discusses Pressure To Get Her Pre-Baby Body Back

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Any new mom knows just how stressful it can be to deal with body image issues. Dancing With The Stars pro Witney Carson plans on returning to the competition this fall and is hard at work training. However, she admits that she struggles with a lot of pressure to get back to her pre-baby body.

“It has been difficult,” the dancer recently told Us Weekly. “The first day that I got home … I just felt so not like myself.”

Witney recognizes that many other moms feel this way too. But being a professional ballroom dancer adds a lot of pressure.

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“Obviously, you know, you’re so proud of your body, you’re grateful for your body, but there’s also a part of you that is like, ‘Dang,’” she told the publication. “Like, my body will never be the same. … [And that] really got to me after I had Leo. I just, I didn’t know if I ever could get back [to] that [place]. I was really scared of how people would perceive me and if they would call me fat or … [say,] ‘She never bounced back.’”

Witney Carson opens up about her postpartum journey on social media

Many of Witney’s fans appreciate how candid she has been about her postpartum journey. On Instagram, she regularly shares her journey with fans. The dancer recently uploaded a progression video as she documents her fitness journey while navigating motherhood.

Working out with a newborn definitely has it’s struggles. But fans quickly noticed that Witney’s hard work is really paying off. She’s well on her way to reaching her fitness goals by the time Dancing With The Stars returns.

For the time being, Witney Carson is still hard at work. She has a training routine and is working on eating better too.

“I’m so ready. I’m so excited,” the professional dancer told Us Weekly. “I did a little dancing, I think a few days ago and I was like, ‘Whoa, my neck hurts so bad.’ So I definitely still have a lot of work to do. … I’m really going to put the work in so that I just feel 100 percent when I get out on the dance floor, but I’m just itching to dance.”

The dancer struggled with COVID-19 while pregnant

Recovering from giving birth can take a lot of energy, but some fans may not know that Witney Carson battled COVID-19 too. She opened up to fans during an Instagram live.

“So I’ve debated sharing this or not… but yes we did have Covid when Leo was born. We gave it to my parents on Christmas Eve. They weren’t out of quarantine yet & had to meet their grandson for the first time through a window. Literally broke my heart into pieces,” she admitted.

The dancer seems well these days, but plenty of COVID-19 survivors struggle to get full lung function back. This can make exercise difficult.

No matter what happens, fans really hope Witney Carson the best as she recovers from her battles. Hopefully, we can see her compete in the fall too.

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