Meri Brown Says She Needs To Sharpen The Knife

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Meri Brown really seems in a bad place in her life at the moment. She still grieves for her mom, Bonnie who passed away just over a month ago. Plus, she works at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn BNB in Parowan. It sounds like she might not sleep all that well, and possibly her emotions just tired her out. Actually, she might also work really hard at the moment to take her mind off things. So, she talks about sharpening her knife. Of course, you might think it’s all about Kody.

Meri Brown sharpens her knife, is she out for Kody?

On top of grieving for her mom, TLC fans know the Sister Wives star also got a cold shoulder from Kody. During the latest season of the show, he seemed very offish. Well, he always does that. Nevertheless, it is not fun in an unhappy relationship while you grieve for a loved one.  Meri talked a lot about her “unimaginable pain.” Plus, she mentioned the time feels like “hell.” Fortunately, she caught up with her sisters who also mourn her mom and she said they recalled memories. Hopefully, it helps with healing.

Meri Brown Hangs With Her Sisters, Ponders Bonnie’s Death

Meri Brown probably finds some comfort with her daughter Mariah’s dogs. Recently, the Sister Wives star shared a few video clips and photos of the two dogs with her. TLC fans know that she adores dogs. In fact, everyone knows that furry friends seem the best companions when your heart is breaking. She talked about “unconditional love.” Of course, dogs cuddle up for love and kisses. Somehow, they instinctively know when people hurt. So, some fans thought that she probably loves them more than Kody. Certainly, it seems he’s not there for her: not in the show, and not during her grief. So, is she sharpening her knife to cut him free?

The dogs and their ‘grandma’ sit out on the lawn

On Thursday, May 6, Meri Brown took to her Instagram and shared a photo of her legs, feet, and two dogs on the lawn. Actually, can you just imagine Meri calling Mariah and saying, “please, I need those doggos?” Well, the dogs looked relaxed, and the Sister Wives star wrote about relaxing.  She also talked about taking time to “rest and recharge.” She noted that she’s always on the go, getting things done. Now, she makes the time for resting and relaxing, but she finds it “hard.” However, she also thinks it’s worth it as “you can’t run on empty.”

In her long post, Meri Brown noted that people “need to sharpen the blade.” After all, a “blunt knife” doesn’t cut it. Reminding fans that they should never let people “push [them] to do things on their timeline,” she feels it important to “say no” sometimes. Resting, relaxing, and breathing helps her sharpen the knife a lot. In other words, make time to “honor” yourself. So, her message wasn’t really about Kody.

Meri Brown Says She Needs To Sharpen The Knife
Credit: Meri Brown | Instagram

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