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Caila Quinn Talks About Almost Being ‘The Bachelorette’

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Sometimes fate works in ways people don’t understand until much later. That was the case for Caila Quinn who was almost The Bachelorette. She ended Ben Higgins’s season in the runner-up position alongside JoJo Fletcher.

Now as she gets ready to get married, she reflected about almost nabbing the lead spot on Here for the Right Reasons podcast. Caila said things worked out. She said, “but at the end of the day, it worked out. And you know what, I was so young at the time.” Caila her time in the running for the lead wasn’t long. She said it consisted of six months of going to LA for fittings and meetings.

Caila Quinn Said She Tried On Some Of The Dresses JoJo Wore

Caila Quinn said she tried on some of the dresses JoJo ended up wearing during her season. She told JoJo about the fittings. Caila said, “I was like, ‘That blue dress looks good on you girl!’ I tried that same sparkly gown.”

She said when JoJo’s promos aired, it was a bit surreal. Quinn said, “you kind of look and watch somebody else and you’re like, ‘That’s the life I could have lived.’ It’s kind of like when your ex moves on and gets married. You have this moment where you pause and you’re like, ‘Whoa.'”

The scenes were filmed in Cleveland, Ohio where she is from. She said there was a huge Filipino barbecue with her family according to US Weekly. She said it felt very Big Fat Greek Wedding. Caila wishes they would share the footage. She said, “My mom has five brothers and they’re all, like, telling these funny stories. And that was just a lot of culture there that I think hasn’t been represented.” She’s happy now and said she truly believes in fate. In four weeks she will marry Nick Burrello and JoJo married her winner Jordan Rodgers.

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Why She Didn’t Move Forward

Caila Quinn said it’s not usual for them to start filming with someone and changing their minds. The producers were choosing between her and JoJo. She said the show does it that way in case their top choice meets someone else and doesn’t want to do it. She was okay being the backup.

As far as Ben picking Lauren over her on the show, she said she had no clue. She said at twenty-three she knew it had to be in the bag for her. Meanwhile, she said, Ben took Lauren on two-hour walks during group dates. What do you think about Caila’s twist of fate? Things would have been a lot different had she been The Bachelorette instead of JoJo.  Comment with your thoughts below.

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