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‘Return To Amish’ Season 6 Episode 8 Recap: May 3

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Last week on Return to Amish, Maureen and Daniel had their first official date. She also received her first kiss which led her to believe she cannot wait until marriage. Rosanna met a guy through her Florida friend, Claudia. He seemed nice and excited about her Amish ways so he asked her on a date. She accepted but had never been on an English date. Jeremiah located his biological cousin while Jethro moved out. Now Sabrina is coming back to Pennsylvania and Maureen is about to sleep with Danny.

Maureen and Daniel Go All The Way On Return to Amish

They had their first date and just became official last week. Now, Maureen is ready to lose her virginity to Danny. She and Rosanna set it up so it looks like they are camping outside not to make Ada suspicious. Daniel came to pick up Maureen and they went to his home. He asked if she was sure and she said she was. Prior to this, Rosanna went out on a date with Claudia’s friend, Nick. He took her golfing but laid it on way too thick.

When the date was coming to a close, he asked to kiss Rosanna and she said no. She could sense he was trying too hard and rejected him. Rosanna said she would only see him again if Claudia was around. Social media is back to thinking she is into Claudia. Especially after her reaction to Maureen coming home from Danny’s at 5 am. Sabrina is up with Skyler and Rosanna is sitting with her. They start teasing her but Rosanna takes it a tad too far.

A few hours later, Maureen tells the girls it burns when she goes to the bathroom. The Amish version of protection is doing twenty jumping jacks after being intimate. Sabrina notes Amish men are not particularly clean and are out with a lot of ladies. It was Maureen’s first time so anything could have happened. Ada knows where she was and is fuming. Sabrina is more frustrated no one ever taught Maureen proper protection.


Return to Amish Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Jeremiah Meets His Family and Jethro Is Back

After connecting with a biological cousin, Jeremiah and Carmela head to Michigan to meet him. He holds a lot of answers and has photos. Jeremiah’s aunt who killed his dad has since passed away and he has no siblings. He does have a lot of cousins and a living grandmother who wants to meet him. This brings a lot of hope to his life because they are so welcoming.

Sabrina decides to meet with Jethro but they cannot seem to come to an understanding. He has issues with how she treated him but she is mad he left. They argue it out and decide they will give it another shot. However, Sabrina will not bring him back to Ada’s just yet because she knows everyone is mad at him still.

Next week on Return to Amish, Maureen and Rosanna attempt to get their GEDs. Sabrina struggles to tell the family she is back with Jethro. Finally, Jeremiah meets more of his family but worries about their reaction to him. Watch it Mondays at 9 pm only on TLC.

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