Who stayed together on the finale of Season 3 of Temptation Island?

‘Temptation Island:’ Who Stayed Together At The End Of Season 3?

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Wednesday, April 27, saw the two-part finale of Season 3 of Temptation Island. Fans have been waiting for this moment all season and now, many of their burning questions will be answered. The first part of the episode shows the bonfire ceremony. This is where the couples make their final decision to stay, leave alone, or leave with someone else. Meanwhile, the second part is a reunion episode, aired to show us what went right, or what went totally wrong. Warning: the following contains spoilers for the finale of Temptation Island.

Which couples stayed together on Temptation Island?

  • Erica Washington and Kendal Kirkland

A Reddit user recently spotted what looks like a new “K” tattoo on Erica Washington, which made it look like she was still with Kendal Kirkland. However, despite the image, Erica walked away from Kendal in the finale. She decided to leave alone, while Kendal decided to opt for being with Alexcys Homan.

Erica’s new tattoo 👀 from temptationislandUSA

While Erica and Kendal had been together for two-and-a-half years and she believed he was the one for her, Kendal had other ideas. In Erica’s case, she chose Temptation Island to get closer to Kendal. However, Kirkland agreed to go on the reality show to potentially date other women. Bummer!

  • Chelsea Brea and Thomas Gipson

Based on social media comments, fans aren’t happy that Chelsea and Thomas left the island together. The show had made fans believe there was no hope for the couple. Meanwhile, Thomas had appeared to be really attracted to Sophia Perez, while the chemistry between Chelsea and Dr. Blake Eyres was clear to see.

Chelsea and Thomas on Season 3 of Temptation Island

Twitter saw comments like this one, saying Chelsea should leave with Dr. Blake and Thomas should leave alone.

However, it looks like the pair have forgiven each other for their relationship issues.

  • Erin Smith and Corey Sobczyk

Good news for Erin Smith and Corey Sobczyk, as they also chose to leave Temptation Island together. The pair seems to be doing well and after the finale, Corey made a post on Instagram. Featuring a beautiful image of Erin and Corey, he wrote that the show might have ended but their journey continues.

Erin and Corey of Temptation Island
Erin and Corey of Temptation Island [Image @corey_sobczyk/Instagram]
Corey continued, writing, “I know the person you are, you are kind, funny, and can light up any room you are in. You are a great person inside and out.” He admitted that Erin was right and that he did hide and lie.” Corey apologized, writing, “Here’s to us continuing our growth and our love through thick n’ thin. I love you [Erin Smith].” Nice one!

  • Kristen Ramos and Julian Allen

Good news for Kristen and Julian, who are not only leaving the island together but are also planning to walk down the aisle.

Julian proposes to Kristen on Temptation Island
Julian proposes to Kristen on Temptation Island [Image @temptationtv/Instagram]
In a video shared by Temptation Island on Instagram, Julian proposes to Kristen. Meanwhile, she is quick to accept his proposal. In fact, Kristen says tearfully, “A thousand times yes, Julian.” The happy future groom replies, “I love you, baby girl.” Julian says how excited he and Kris are to start the wedding process. However, Kristen did say they are keeping the wedding preparations secret, so fans will need to stay tuned. However, they have set a date in 2022.

Congratulations to the happy couples!

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