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Sources Reveal If Rachael Kirkconnell Is Willing To Forgive Matt James, Again

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Rachael Kirkconnell and Matt James haven’t had the smoothest beginning for their relationship. After Matt gave Rachael his final rose, she endured a lot in the media. After some racially charged Instagrams came to light, she had to face some of her past actions. Kirkconnell did apologize and even host, Emmanuel Acho, asked Matt if he couldn’t help her and grow with her.

Is it over? It would seem it isn’t, but it is complicated. A source revealed the two were staying in California together at a friend of theirs. They said Matt reached out because he felt bad about the way things went. The couple was spotted together in Santa Monica sparking rumors of a reconciliation. Racheal has been posting feel-good pictures on Instagram like the one below.

Recently when she went to a wedding she posted, “soaking up the awe of life & celebrating the moments of pure love.” Kirkconnell very much still believes in love. She has the support of her fellow Bachelor contestants. The girls reach out on social media and get together often. Jessenia said, “love seeing a happy girl!” Kit said, “the vibes are immaculate.”

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Did Rachael Kirkconnell And Matt Work Things Out?

According to US Weekly, the source said Rachael Kirkconnell heard Matt’s side and they worked it out. Neither of them had lost their feelings for one another. They had an intense connection that isn’t easy to let go of.

The source clarified they aren’t back together as of yet. There have been stories put out there, but, “they aren’t a couple again.” The insider wants fans to understand they are the only two that know what’s going on between them.
“She tries to stay low-key with him and not make it a big deal every time they hang out.” With photographers there trying to get a snap of the two, that can be hard to do sometimes.

Moving Forward Is About Regaining Trust

After the winner of Matt’s season Rachael Kirkconnell learned he spoke to a woman named Grace while he had flown her to NYC to work things out, she called off the reconciliation. Rumors swirled he tried to get Grace to come onto the show as one of the contestants. Her trust took a hit when the information came out. The source said Rachael felt, “manipulated.”

The source said once the news came out, “Rachael felt very emotional.” They said, “she doesn’t care what people think or what they say about her relationship.” Rachael’s friends and family are supportive because they want her to be happy. What do you think about this reconciliation? Do you still ship them together, or do you think they should move on? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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