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‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: April 26

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Last week on Seeking Sister Wife, Roberta finally told Dannielle she and Garrick were intimate on night one. Already sensitive from longstanding insecurities, Dannielle pretended she was happy for them. However, she told the cameras she was very hurt and betrayed. Jarod and Kaleh attempted to reconcile. Though he won’t fully accept her second job, she is back in the relationship and the family. Tosha and Sidin met a potential sister wife, Elena but COVID put a hold on the situation. Ultimately, when they could meet up again, she confessed she did not feel a connection with Sidian. Now, the couple is reluctantly setting up a dating profile. Finally, Tayler is visiting the Snowdens but they are not sure if she clicks as Christeline did.

Garrick and Roberta’s Solo Date On Seeking Sister Wife

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

While still in Mexico, Garrick and Roberta are going on a boat for their solo date. He made sure to tell her to wear her Brazilian bikini last week. Dannielle is on her own, lounging on the beach. She is still hurt by Roberta confessing she and Garrick were intimate the first night. Dannielle feels betrayed by her future sister wife since Roberta claimed intimacy wasn’t important. She acted like it was all about the family and it appears Bert is somewhat disingenuous. Yet, she is trying to understand how to share her husband with someone else.

Dannielle confesses if it was up to her, she would not choose this lifestyle. She is only doing it to follow God’s path. Or is it Garrick’s path? She calls her sister-in-law to express what has transpired in Mexico, mainly the bombshell that was dropped. Dannielle hopes God will deliver her from the jealousy she is feeling. If not, she is scared Garrick could leave her for Roberta. She is seeing him in a simpler relationship and does not know if that is what he will prefer.

Tayler and Dimitri Get To Know Each Other

It is a one-on-one date night for Tayler and Dimitri. He is concerned she will leave when things are not exciting anymore. This has been her past habit and he does not know if she will do it again. Not everything in their life is always exciting. Their dinner is giving them a chance to talk, something he did not get to do with Christeline since they went dancing. He asks her if she is ready to become an instant mom, which is his biggest concern. She says she wants to be a wife, a mom, and a sister wife to Dimitri.

Tayler does not deny she might miss having her quiet Saturday mornings so how do they rectify that? She feels he is trying to say anything to make her run the other way. Tayler is not having it and then explains she and Christeline went over the intimacy schedule. He reiterates they will have to wait for 21-days until after they choose each other. Dimitri does admit she looks amazing in her dress so it’s hard to resist. He says they have connected really well over dinner but is concerned if she knows what it takes to be a mom. They will consider the courtship.

The Joneses Are Seeking Sister Wife Online and What’s Up With The Winders?

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Sidian is looking for a potential mate online and showing the ones he likes to Tosha. They choose 25-34 as the age bracket and they do not care about ethnicity. The woman can be open to more children but most importantly should want to care for their current two. Tosha does not even know if she wants biological children. They do know they want to expand their family and have a lot of kids down the line.

As for the Winder family, they had been pursuing Kimberley in North Carolina. She was supposed to come to visit prior to Sophie’s baby arriving. Unfortunately, due to COVID, this just was not possible, nor safe so she is going to wait. The priority is the safety of their baby boy. Tami is hoping the arrival of the baby will bring them even closer together. After 40 weeks and four days, Sophie went into labor and her mom was there to help. Tami got a call from Colton about the baby and is waiting for a video call.

Sophie’s mom, Tami, and Tami’s daughter, Sadie are all zooming in so they can feel like they are there. Tami is happy Sadie will have a sibling close in age and they are cheering Sophie on. Ephraim James is 9 pounds and the moment he cried, Sophie’s mom just started crying. They were able to go home that evening but Sadie got to meet him the next morning. Though she was skeptical due to her struggles, holding Ephraim made Tami feel protective of him.

Time For Tayler To Go Home and Mexico Merrifield Fun

Tayler was a lot of fun but it is time for her to go home. She was super playful whereas Christeline was very zen. The goal is to get the two ladies plus Christeline’s kids all together. They are all sad she is leaving so Tayler asks if she has to leave. She feels like her family is there and she has nothing to go home to. This is where she wants to be now and asks if she can stay. She says she can go home and settle her stuff or just basically stay…forever.

Garrick is having a great time with Roberta and is just enjoying their time alone. It could be months before her K1 is approved. He tries to explain in Colorado, the wives’ time will be more balanced since they won’t be rushing time. She is worried about Dannielle’s jealousy and the time they will get to spend together, even her time with “sister.” Roberta wants Garrick to be a man and stand up to Dannielle. She wants him to be honest with her as she believes Dannielle can pray as much as she wants but will never change her ways. If he cannot do this, she will leave.

Back in Cali, the Snowdens are mulling over Tayler’s proposal. They are very concerned about their kids and Christeline so they video chat Chrissy. She is totally cool with Tayler staying so they welcome her into their family. Next week, Tayler breaks the news to her mom while the Winder women suggest bringing Kimberley out again. However, Colton is not so sure the time is right. The Clarks cannot keep in touch with Kaleh since COVID and Garrick struggles to leave Roberta. Catch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC and discovery+.


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