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Garrick Merrifield Spills Secret Plan To Manage Dannielle & Roberta

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With each new episode of Seeking Sister Wife, it seems like the Merrifield drama continues to get more and more intense. Last week viewers watch as Garrick’s first, and now ex-wife, Dannielle gets emotional the closer they get to Garrick and Roberta’s wedding day. Notably, Garrick and Dannielle get a divorce so that Garrick and Roberta can legally marry. This is necessary to bring Roberta to the United States since she is from Brazil. In preparations for the upcoming wedding, the Merrifields travel to Mexico and meet up with Roberta. Earlier today (April 26), TLC releases a trailer for tonight’s episode. During the trailer, Garrick explains how he intends to manage his time between his wives, Dannielle and Roberta. Keep reading to find out more. 

Seeking Sister Wife Garrick and Roberta spend some more time alone

The trailer begins with Garrick and Roberta on some sort of boat adventure. Not so surprising to Seeking Sister Wife viewers, Dannielle is not on this adventure. Both of them are wearing life jackets as the boat zips across the water.  Garrick asks Roberta if she’s having a good time and she doesn’t hesitate to answer “yeah”. 

In a confessional segment for the episode, Garrick explains that he’s “really enjoying this time with Roberta.” Unfortunately, Roberta has to go back to Brazil soon and Garrick “doesn’t know the next time he’ll get to see her.”  Ultimately, the next time that Garrick Merrifield gets to see his new bride depends on when her Visa is approved. He says that it “could be months” before that happens. 

Next, Roberta wants to know Garrick’s feelings about having “the two wives on the trip.”  “I am feeling good. I’m glad you and sister are getting to know each other and evening getting to see her weakness, trusting that we both love her. I think sister felt emotional when you told her about us being intimate even though it was spur of the moment and not planned.”


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Roberta shares some confusion

Apparently, this is a point of confusion for Roberta, because she shares that the thought that women that live in plural marriage had to “be free of those feelings.” However, Roberta recognizes what Dannielle is feeling is real. Roberta says that “it exists in her heart.” 

Back on the boat adventure, it seems that Roberta empathizes with Dannielle as she explains her perception of Dannielle’s emotion. She talks about Dannielle’s jealousy and “seeing her husband with another wife.” Next, Roberta explains that what’s going on with Dannielle makes her apprehensive about the situation. 

Garrick discusses plan for wifes

Next, Garrick explains how things “back home in Colorado” will be different. According to Garrick, his time between wives will be “more balanced” in the States. He rationalizes his time with Roberta on the trip. He says he focuses more on her on the trips since he doesn’t get to see her. However, Garrick doesn’t seem to be naive to what Danielle is going through. In a confessional segment, he acknowledges that he anticipates that there will be more hard times in Colorado. This is because Dannielle will have to “face her jealousy on a more regular basis.” 

In conclusion, Garrick says that the ladies’ “faith in God and time in prayer is going to be the only way that they’re going to be able to get through this.” What are your thoughts on the Merrifield situation? Do you think Seeking Sister Wife Garrick is really going to manage his time between Dannielle and Roberta? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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