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Olivia Plath Gets Emotional After Best Wishes & Support From TLC Fans

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Olivia Plath celebrates her birthday on April 26 so she wrote about her new journey around the sun this weekend. Actually, she became very emotional as she received a lot of support from fans recently. At 23, Ethan’s wife seems very mature for age. As Welcome to Plathville fans already know, she went through hell with Kim and Barry Plath. Plus she recently talked about how she and Ethan struggle a bit with their marriage.

Olivia Plath gets candid about Kim, Barry, and Ethan

Fans who watched Welcome to Plathville Season 1 and 2 know that Oliva and Ethan became completely estranged from Kim and Barry. They blamed Olivia for causing problems with the kids. Really, all she did was give them some sugary substances and nobody died. Still, they then required both parents to be around if Ethan wanted to see his siblings. Actually, the situation deteriorated in Season 2 on TLC and started affecting Ethan and Olivia’s marriage. Mind you, they work hard at getting things right.

Are Ethan & Olivia Plath Still Together? She Speaks Out

Olivia Plath also talked about how she found adapting to Kim and Barry was hard for her. After all, Kim’s very controlling, and Olivia didn’t want that for herself. Giving her TLC fans some advice, Olivia suggested, “try to be kind and gracious, but don’t let yourself be used or walked on. At the end of the day, blood doesn’t always win if it’s toxic.” So, she walked away from them. Actually, she thinks that she and Ethan are not yet ready for their own kids as Ethan needs to heal from his own childhood first.

Welcome to Plathville star emotional on her birthday

For a young woman, Olivia Plath certainly carries a lot of problems around with her. Additionally, she also runs her own photographic studio, so she went through business concerns during the quarantine. According to Olivia, a lot of people reached out in support and with nice comments as she celebrates her birthday. In a long caption, she said, “I’ve already cried three times today as I read kind words and wishes from friends and realized (yet again lol) how dang lucky I am.” Luckily, Olivia feels that 2021 might be a year of change. So she hopes for “healing.”

Fans of Olivia Plath really hope that things get better for her. She thanked all her supporters and told them that she has some “amazing” friends. Despite all her problems, she sounds very happy and “really, really lucky” that so many people care about her. Lots of fans wished her a happy birthday in the comments. But one fan wondered why she cries when she feels happy.

Olivia Plath told the fan, “it’s actually super healthy – I’m allowing myself to properly feel my full range of emotions, and happy and sad tears follow 😌☺️.”

Olivia Plath Gets Emotional After Best Wishes & Support From TLC Fans
Credit: Olivia Plath | Instagram

What do think about Olivia Plath only turning 23 but dealing with such complex problems with Ethan and his family? Sound off in the comments below.

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