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‘Extreme Sisters:’ Patricia and Patrix’s Special Bond Is Different Than The Others

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All of the siblings of Extreme Sisters have a very close relationship. Patricia and Patrix’s is a little different than the others. A sneak peek shows the two getting emotional as they talk about growing up. Patricia’s fingers didn’t completely form so there are some things difficult for her to do.

Her sister helps her with these tasks and helps her as much as she can. She said they’ve always been close since they were little. Patricia got emotional in the clip talking about how hard it was for her to be disabled when she was younger. People would stare and want to know what happened to her. She says the two “have a connection others can’t understand.”

Patrix Is Always There For Patricia On Extreme Sisters

The Extreme Sisters are very loyal to each other. They dry brush each other every morning to strengthen their bond and improve their health. She tells the producer, “I know every curve, dent, and dimple she has.” In the video, Patrix helps Patricia shave and says she’ll always step in automatically to help.

Patrix said when they were younger she played the violin and loved it. Patricia wanted to play as well, and she couldn’t. Patrix said even though she really loved playing, she gave it up for her sister.  She said growing up she felt like she had to be the protector for her sister.

In an additional clip, Patricia’s husband says Patrix is always at their house. He says he can never get alone time with his wife. Patricia says she’s been married to Ron for twenty years. She says, “I think people look at our behavior as sisters and they don’t think it’s normal.” While he’s asking him how long he’s going to have to share her, the two are dancing in front of him wearing matching pajamas.

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Fans Love This Dynamic Duo

Fans love these two Extreme Sisters the most. They have already shown their support on Instagram and Twitter. To the twins saying they’re weirdos and they love it one fan reacted. One wrote, “awww…what she’s saying isn’t weird at all… it’s protection and bonding.” Another said, half-joking, “well these sisters don’t seem creepy like the other ones.” Some of the other siblings share things like a toothbrush and a boyfriend.

Another fan posted, “I wish I had just a 10th of the bond, with my sisters, like these twins do.” One said, “this is so far from being weird. This is beautiful that her sister is there to help in times of need.” The show airs tonight on TLC and every Sunday. Who are you most looking forward to seeing on Extreme Sisters tonight? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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