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‘Extreme Sisters’: Behind The Casting Process For Bizarre New Show

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It’s hard to believe but Extreme Sisters could be one of TLC’s oddest shows yet. The cable network is expanding its shows focused on close-knit families like I Love A Mama’s Boy and sMothered. There seems to be a reality show for anything these days. The channel, which started out as The Learning Channel, is no stranger to family shows and bizarre situations. This could take the cake though.

For those who are extremely close and have unusual relationships with their sisters, the network has a new show for you. It has nothing to do with Sister Wives, and it’s a little weirder than not being able to leave your mother’s side. It turns out that Extreme Sisters also has a casting process that’s different from its sister shows, excuse the pun.

TLC producers take this new show seriously

On Friday, April 23, Bodega Pictures’ chief creative officer and Extreme Sisters executive producer Joshua Ackerman spoke to Distractify about this show’s casting process. He revealed how they went about casting extremely close sisters for this new show, and what the show’s future could reveal. If you happened to watch the Season 1 trailer, it follows the complex relationships of these cast members who are unwilling to change.

Some viewers may speculate that the producers have a hand in this show to make it look as strange as possible. However, there are several casting methods to bring out the authenticity of the cast members and their relationships with one another. The main focus of Extreme Sisters is to share how their familial relationships are different from your average sister-sister relationship. Reality television is filled with people who want to get their 15 minutes of fame, so producers had to dig deep into this process.

Joshua told Distractify that the vetting process took a little more time and research. They wanted to make sure that they found sisters who authentically had these relationships and weren’t doing them for the show.

“Viewers will quickly discover how authentic these people are,” he said. “With a series like Extreme Sisters that explores such deep, lifelong relationships it really comes down to what stories are the most captivating and has the most heart.”

TLC’s producers use “a huge variety of tools” to find the right cast members. Some of those resources include local news, social media, and other areas. However, most of the casting process happened through “good old-fashioned word of mouth.”

Extreme Sisters already renewed for Season 2?

Extreme Sisters Season 1 has not even made its debut yet. But that hasn’t stopped TLC producers from thinking about the show’s future. For example, sMothered has already carried on for more than one season. So, it’s likely that this show will follow in the same footsteps. According to Joshua, this cast’s stories are not finished yet.

He has hope that the cast will return for another season if TLC allows it. It’s also up to the viewers if they want to watch such a show. On Sunday, April 25, TLC teased the new series on its official Instagram page. One viewer took to the post to share that they’re sick of shows that center around polygamy and weird family relationships. A second joked and said they’re going to watch it with their twin sister.

Do you plan on watching Extreme Sisters? Sound off below in the comments.

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