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‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Danielle’s Breakdown Worries Garrick

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Seeking Sister Wife star Danielle is trying to make her marriage work. In fact, she’s working so hard to make it work, that she’s willing to allow her husband to marry someone else.

However, Danielle isn’t all that happy these days. In a recent preview clip of an upcoming episode, the reluctant reality star showed just how unhappy she is at times. Her unhappiness, in fact, got to the point where husband Garrick became concerned.

Seeking Sister Wife Star Has Insecurities

In the clip, Danielle was having a private moment away from Garrick and Roberta. She was talking to the camera about the fact that she sometimes feels uncertain about her marriage. As she spoke she began to cry. Garrick apparently heard her start to break down because he came into the room, Roberta in tow.

While the trio is still learning to communicate, there’s an added level of difficulty. Roberta doesn’t speak English and neither Garrick nor Daniellle speak Spanish. In order to have a conversation, the trio uses a hand held translation app. This means that one person speaks into the app, it translates it into text, and then the other people are able to read it in their native language.

Because of this runaround, conversations are never easy and never all that fluid. It became clear at one point in the clip that Danielle was a bit annoyed by the setup. She also seemed unable to explain to Roberta why she was feeling blue. Garrick meanwhile, read some words off the screen but seemed to largely stay out of the situation.

Worried About Being Left Behind

Danielle’s breakdown came on the same night that was officially a “date night” for Garrick and Roberta. Danielle expressed a desire not to get in the way of their plans. On the other hand, it was clear the fact that Garrick was spending time with his potential new wife bothered his current spouse.

Danielle made it clear that her biggest problem with the whole situation was that it wasn’t really about being a sister wife. Instead, the reality star believes eventually her husband is going to leave her. As she explained this to the couple, she once again began crying as her fear came to the surface again.

Marital Problems

Part of the Seeking Sister Wife star’s insecurities are indeed tied to the fact that she and Garrick haven’t been on solid footing for a while now. Before they decided to try plural marriage, it appeared the couple was headed for divorce.

Both Danielle and Garrick talked about how they thought things were going to end unhappily. The pair are now, divorced though still together. They needed to get divorced so that Garrick could marry Roberta and bring her into the United States.

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