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‘Seeking Sister Wife:’ Ashley Celebrates Earth Day As Only She Can

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Seeking Sister Wife star Ashley Snowden has long thought of herself as a spiritual person. That doesn’t necessarily mean that either she or her husband Dimitri are religious persay. In fact, both of them have talked in the past about understanding and appreciating religion, without practicing any specific ideology.

Instead, Ashley and her spouse are more about finding a way to celebrate life itself. That was on display Friday when the Seeking Sister Wife star took to her Instagram to share her thoughts on Earth Day.

“When nature ‘takes over’, it can feel unfair,” she wrote. “But sometimes love isn’t about what’s fair to you; it’s about what’s fair for balance.”

She went on to say that she thought everyone could agree that human actions have been “out of balance” for a while now. She added that she thinks the way “nature” has treated the human race over the last few years is basically “tough love.”

Seeking Sister Wife Star Ashley Seeks Balance

In the rest of her post, Ashley made it clear she understands that whatever happens, is meant to be.

” Even if the floods washed us out, it would be to restore the earthly balance,” she continued. “What many don’t understand is the perfection that is nature. The mutations we see as weird, twisted anomalies have their place. Love the Earth, and the Earth will love you back. Don’t love the Earth, and she’ll still give you that tough, strong, balancing love.”

seeking sister wife star ashley snowden earth day
credit: Ashley Snowden/Instagram

While Ashley’s husband, Dimitri decided, at least for now to shut down his social media, she’s not going to shut down her own posts. It’s become rather obvious why she is still quite active.

There were more than a few followers of the Seeking Sister Wife star that were quick to point out how much they liked what she had to say. In fact, the overwhelming response to what she said was very positive, despite the fact that her words were one that were rather hostile to the human race. She seemed to be saying that if nature does turn against people, we should understand why it’s doing that and simply accept it.

Support For Her Statements

‘You’re so smart Ashley,” one fan wrote. “Does this come from reading? Divine intelligence? You seem to have answers for things that I haven’t thought of.”

“The spirit filled beauty in theses words speak volumes beautiful.” Another follower posted.

Other fans of the reality star simply wished her a happy earth day as they saw her post.

That doesn’t mean that everyone that responded loved what she had to say or what she was doing. There was at least one follower who called Ashley a “poser” and seemed angry that she posted photos of herself. That particular Instagram user was quickly set upon by her other fans.

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