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Courtney Waldrop Shares HUGE Struggle With ‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’ Fans

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Courtney Waldrop of TLC’s Sweet Home Sextuplets has been pretty active on Instagram these days. Last night, the mother of nine took to Instagram to share a few photos of her children playing outside. In the caption, the TLC mother got candid about a pretty big struggle of hers. But, considering how many children she has… Most of her Instagram followers were pretty understanding. In fact, most found a fair amount of humor in her Instagram post.

What is this big struggle Courtney Waldrop has?

The Sweet Home Sextuplets star shares a lot of super adorable photos of her children on Instagram. But, she admits it isn’t that easy to capture those sweet moments for her followers. In fact, it is a huge struggle for her to chase her children around to snap decent photos. Courtney admits it is next to impossible to get a decent photo featuring all of her children. This is why she shares so many photos that only feature a few of her children.

“Have you ever tried to chase SIX 3 year olds on a tricycle to get a picture of all of the together?” She questioned in her caption with several silly emojis attached.

She added: “it’s not possible!!! I didn’t know they could peddle so fast!”

Turns out, the only thing harder than trying to snap a photo of her children together is trying to do so while they are being so active.

“They’re like little ants everywhere!!” She concludes her post comparing her children to a colony of ants.

Sweet Home Sextuplets thought the post was hilarious

Fans of Sweet Home Sextuplets always enjoy seeing photos of the Waldrop children. Likewise, they enjoy getting to learn a little more about the family. So, they are always here for anything Courtney wants to share about her children, her family, or even how she manages to get things done.

For the most part, fans admit they have no idea how Courtney manages to take care of so many children. Fans admit that having far fewer children running around is enough to wear them out.

“I have watched my granddaughter (3 tomorrow) and grandson (8 in June) a lot this week. I am worn OUT!” One fan admits.

Another chimes in: “Girl how do you do it?!?! I mean your kids have the most fun AND you find time to prepare meals and feed them 😆Seriously amazed by you!”

“Wow your house just keeps looking more and more amazing! You guys have done such a great job on everything! Bet you’re glad you stayed now!” A third agrees.

Do you wonder how Courtney Waldrop survives so many children? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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