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Busby Girls Strike Fun Pose In Picture-Perfect Shot – See Pic Inside

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The Busby girls help their mom and dad earn an income from TLC and via their Graeson Bee clothing store. After spending so much time in front of the cameras, the quints and Blayke seem totally comfortable with posing. In fact, it seems that modeling became second nature to them these days. So, when the family went out in the evening, they struck picture-perfect poses at the drop of a hat. Many OutDaughtered fans loved their outdoor photo.

Busby girls model for Graeson Bee – help bring in an income

TLC features Adam and Danielle Busby as they raise the quints. Older sister Blayke also gets some screentime. However if not for the quints, it’s doubtful the Busby family would have ended up on a television show. Aside from the income from the network, Adam and Danielle also run other businesses. One of those, Graeson Bee is a popular clothing line. Actually, modeling often, the girls all seem well on the way to a career on the ramp, if they want that.

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Of all the Busby girls, OutDaughtered fans think Parker Kate seems the most natural model in the family. A year ago, Adam shared a photo of the kids all lined up with their electric scooters. Fans thought the kids looked very cute, but Parker stood out. Previously anxious and withdrawn, she overcame her problems. Back then, Parker looked self-composed and stylish as she flashed a peace sign. However, fans noticed that Olivia seems a more dramatic model when it comes to poses.

Picture perfect fun poses by the quints

As fine weather prevails in Texas at the moment, the Busby girls make the most of it. In a photo that Danielle shared, she wrote, “Gangs all here! Evening stroll/walk/ ride 🤗.” Olivia balanced on her hoverboard pointing dramatically above her head. Meanwhile, Parker looked poised next to her scooter. Riley smiled from her ride, as did Ava. Also, Hazel stood next to her scooter and Blayke posed with little Beaux dog. Fans noticed that all it takes is a camera pointed at them, and the girls always pose sweetly.

One fan of the Busby girls commented, “I just love Lulus poses everytime theres a camera on [her], (sic). 😂💓” Meanwhile, another fan noted, “Good picture of Blayke👧, Ava, 👱‍♀️👱‍♀️Olivia Hazel 👩‍🦰 Parker 👱‍♀️and Riley👱‍♀️ and Beaux 🐶.” Of course, loads of OutDaughtered fans commented using the word, “cute.” Meanwhile, others wanted to know when they start filming for the next season of the TLC show.

Fans just can’t get enough of the cute kids in Adam and Danielle’s family. Hopefully, TLC keeps them on their network for many years to come.

Busby Girls Strike Fun Pose In Picture Perfect Shot - See Pic Inside
Credit: dbusby | Instagram

Which of the Busby girls do you think makes the best model? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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