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Which ‘OutDaughtered’ Quint Is A free Spirit – Can You Guess?

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An OutDaughtered quint stands out as a free spirit in the Busby family. TLC fans know that each child develops their own personalities, but who’s a mommy’s girl, who’s a daddy’s girl, and who’s a free spirit? Riley Busby seems like a boss. Meanwhile, Hazel’s just adorably sweet. Then, Parker seems confident, and goofy these days. Olivia makes everyone laugh and her twin sister Ava seems pulled between being a girly girl and a bit of a tomboy. Many people might assume that Riley’s the “free spirit.” However, that might not be the case.

One OutDaughtered quint opted out of ballet first – is she the free spirit?

In the last episode of the TLC show, fans saw the Busby family celebrating Christmas. Plus, the kids watched ballet, and then some of them went to dancing class. We reported that all of the quints started attending dance classes, but they fell away after Riley decided it wasn’t for her. Actually, only a few of them stuck with it. So, the rather independent child might be the free spirit. In fact, talking about the most independent child, is it actually Riley?

‘OutDaughtered’ Mom Danielle Shares Photo Of Her Little Ballerinas

Well, it turns out that the most independent OutDaughtered quint is in fact, Riley. We reported that Danielle admits that the “Boss” always took charge since the very beginning. Wryly, she noted on Instagram, that she’s already “30” in her boss-like way. However, does that make little Ms. Bossy Boots the free spirit in the family? The discussion about it came when Danielle Busby shared a photo of all the kids wearing a range of Buzz World Shop clothing.

New spring collection includes a tee for a free spirit among other personality traits

Each OutDaughtered quint wore a different shirt from the shop. In her Instagram post, Danielle explained that the kids in the photo each wore a different “Busby personality tee.” The shop reveals that the range comes with the following choices:

  • Daddy’s Best Friend,
  • Mama’s Best Friend,
  • Snack Queen,
  • Funny By Nature,
  • Free Spirit, and
  • I’m Bored.

Teenager Blayke wore the “I’m Bored” tee, which is about right for her age. Plus, you probably already guessed that Olivia chose the “Funny By Nature” tee. TLC fans already know that Parker Kate’s “Daddy’s Best Friend.” Plus, Ava’s “Mama’s Best Friend.” So that leaves Riley and Hazel. Which of them is the free spirit? Hazel always seems rather charming and whenever she talks, people get the feelies for the cutie-pie kid. What are the chances that she’s the free spirit compared to independent Riley?


OutDaughtered Quint Is A free Spirit - Can You Guess
Credit: dbusby | Instagram

Well, OutDaughtered quint Riley chose the “Snack Queen” tee. So, that left Hazel as the “Free Spirit” quint in the family. Does that surprise you? Were you expecting Riley to choose that one rather than the “Snack Queen” tee? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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