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‘Return to Amish’ Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: April 19

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Last week on Return to Amish, Sabrina and Jethro returned home with their new baby girl. Jeremiah asked Dennis to take a DNA test which he happily agreed to do. However, Dennis said he did not need a test to know Jeremiah was his child. Rosanna grew tired of hearing Maureen talk about Daniel. This led Maureen to believe her friend was either jealous or had a crush on her. Sabrina mentioned to Rosanna about flashing Daniel in the lake and Rosanna flipped. In the end, the DNA results came in and Jeremiah did not seem happy.

Jeremiah’s Father Revealed On Return to Amish

After Jeremiah throws his phone down with the DNA results, Carmela picks it up and reads the results. It says he has no relation to Dennis but it gives a name for his paternal side. Dennis connects the dots for him and his father was Jeremiah’s mother’s brother-in-law. She cheated on Dennis with him and his name was Larry. Larry was ultimately killed by his wife (Jeremiah’s aunt). Jeremiah wants to know if his biological mother had anything to do with Larry’s murder. That is unknown.

Dennis says he really believed he was Jeremiah’s dad and will always be there for him. Jeremiah sits, stunned but Dennis keeps asking him if he needs a hug. He gives him a hug and tries to console him but Jeremiah needs time away. Carmela stays and talks to Dennis, saying she has never seen him like that. She adds that she believed Dennis was his father and is shocked. Jeremiah wonders if his birth is what caused his father’s death so he has to leave. Dennis is reassuring he will always be there for his “son” no matter what.

Girl’s Day With Grandma Ada

Return to Amish Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Ada sees Rosanna and Maureen are butting heads after spending so much time together. So, she decides to take them shopping. They go right to the bathing suit section and the salesgirl, Claudia has never seen the Amish in there before. She was so fascinated with them, she wants to give them their undivided attention. They are not used to patterns so this is all very new and exciting to them.

While trying on the bathing suits, Claudia goes to help Rosanna and suggests she get a bikini wax. She believes this will solve the whole problem. They both try on a one-piece and bikinis and by the third try, they are feeling comfortable. Claudia, Rosanna, and Maureen encourage Ada to try on a bathing suit. While Ada is in the fitting room, Claudia asks if they’ve made any friends and they tell her about the sushi evening. Rosanna says they have tried to call that group of kids again but no success.

Claudia says she wants to hang out with them and offers to exchange numbers. Maureen finally understands how Rosanna must’ve felt when she was always talking about Daniel. She is feeling left out seeing the connection between Claudia and Rosanna so it finally clicks. Soon, Ada comes out of the fitting room in a neon bathing suit and a cover-up and she is feeling herself. With their bonnets on, the girls and Ada head to the beach and into the water.

Jeremiah Shares His Truth On Return to Amish

Return to Amish Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Carmela and Jeremiah return home from Dennis’s home to share the big news with everyone. Jeremiah recalls everything that went down and shares that Dennis is not his father. He does add he now knows who his dad is and Ada asks if he went to talk to his biological father. Jeremiah says he can’t because he is dead and was killed a year after he was born. It turns out Jeremiah was his only child.

Sabrina can relate because she had looked forward to meeting her biological mom but she had passed away, as well. This story just blew Ada away. Both Jeremiah and Dennis had been deceived for all of these years. Jeremiah’s biggest question is still: did his aunt kill his father because of him? Sabrina explains that she knows how it feels to not belong and has the desire to meet someone who holds all the answers.

Unfortunately, two days later, Jeremiah and Carmela were exposed to COVID so they were separated from everyone. Then, the Governor issued an order for everyone to leave the state. Sabrina and Jethro couldn’t stay at Ada’s because they are Florida residents. The rest were invited to stay at her home in Pennsylvania. Maureen is excited to try something with Daniel now that she is coming home.

Back In Pennsylvania and Jethro Cheats On Sabrina

Return to Amish Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Since the girls have yet to decide if they want to return to Amish, they will be staying with Ada. Rosanna calls her out for having electricity. Maureen says grandma has always cheated the Amish rules and that’s what she loves about her. Rosanna is complaining about having to sleep on air mattresses and they struggle to blow them up. Eventually, Rosanna finds the whole process really cool.

Back in Florida, Sabrina is mad at Jethro when she finds texts between Jethro and another girl. He has been unfaithful in the past so she cannot forget that. Everyone had told her he was trouble at the beginning and she is seeing it now. To make things better, Jethro brings Sabrina flowers and tells her she is special. She takes them but puts them down on the floor. Sabrina does not want flowers, she wants him to stop talking to girls. He tells them he will ditch her for them.

All she wants is loyalty. He wants her to pay attention to him. Jethro says she only talks to him when she’s telling him the things he does wrong. She tells him he’s a liar, that she hates him, and to leave. Next time, Daniel gives Maureen her first kiss. Rosanna hangs out with Claudia while Jeremiah connects with his father’s family. Jethro leaves the house for good. Watch Return to Amish Mondays on TLC at 9 pm.




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