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Wait, What? New Details About A Duggar-Bates Courtship Leaked

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Duggar and Bates fans have hoped for a courtship between the two families for years. It looks like there was one previously, but it has since ended. Now, new details about the courtship are public. So, which Duggar and Bates kids were courting?

Duggar-Bates courtship information revealed

In a new Instagram post from Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball, details about a previous courtship are leaked. In the photo, Joe Duggar and Carlin Bates are sitting beside each other on a couch at the Duggar family’s home. Previously, Katie had a source who knew about a Duggar and Bates courtship. Now, she has more information to share.

Katie writes:

“After speaking to my source again, they are confident the Bates daughter was Carlin.They said the two courted before she met Evan & around the time he lived in TN to attend Crown College. The Duggars & Bates never confirmed this relationship. Joe Duggar would have been 20 & Carlin 17 at the time. According to my source, the relationship ended. But they weren’t certain why. It was shortly after they split, that Carlin met Evan & Joseph became interested in Kendra.”

Now, Joe is married to Kendra and they have three kids. Carlin married Evan Stewart, and they share one daughter.

Katie also reveals, “Interestingly, my source also confirmed that Jedidiah courted Kendra for over a year before she and Joseph courted.”


Could there be another relationship between the families?

One popular theory was that Jana Duggar and Lawson Bates were in a relationship. Now, that has been debunked as Lawson is in a relationship with a woman named Tiffany Espensen. Jana is currently linked to a guy named Stephen Wissmann, but the rumors haven’t been confirmed.

It’s possible that there will be a Duggar-Bates courtship later on. These are all of the Duggar kids who are still single or too young to court:

  • Josie – 11 years old
  • Jordyn-Grace – 12 years old
  • Tyler – 13 years old
  • Jennifer – 13 years old
  • Johannah – 15 years old
  • Jackson – 16 years old
  • James – 19 years old
  • Jason – 20 years old
  • Jeremiah – 22 years old

These Bates kids are single or too young to court:

  • Jeb – 9 years old 
  • Judson – 10 years old 
  • Callie-Anna – 11 years old 
  • Ellie – 13 years old 
  • Addallee – 15 years old 
  • Isaiah – 16 years old 
  • Warden – 17 years old 
  • Jackson – 19 years old 
  • Trace – 24 years old

So, it seems possible that there will be a courtship between the two families in the future.

So, did you know about this Duggar-Bates courtship? Do you wish they ended up together? Let us know in the comments below.

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