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‘Breaking Amish’ Kate Stoltz Gives MAJOR Social Media Update!

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Breaking Amish fans may recognize Kate Stoltz from Season 1 of the TLC series. Things for the young Amish woman were tumultuous from the start. Kate left the Amish community with aspirations of getting into modeling. However, before that could take off, she had to face a DUI charge. Ultimately, it seems that everything resolves itself and she’s since made a name for herself in the fashion industry. So much so that people are taking notice of expensive her clothing is. Consequently, Kate Stoltz takes to Facebook to defend the price of her clothes. 

Breaking Amish Kate Stoltz takes to Facebook to defend the price of her clothes

Recently, Breaking Amish Kate Stoltz takes to Facebook to defend the price of the clothes she sells. The post is lengthy. However, she provides a lot of insight into her pricing, and hopefully, answers some questions. 

Clearly business minded, Kate doesn’t start her post by bashing anyone. It is quite the opposite, as she agrees with the comments made about her clothing. “Some of my followers often bring up a very relevant point about the prices of the clothing I make: most are more expensive than the average person can afford.” She goes on to share that since she grew up on a farm she wants to “offer some transparency into why the pieces are priced the way they are. 

Some of my followers often bring up a very relevant point about the prices of the clothing I make: most are more…

Posted by Kate Stoltz on Thursday, 15 April 2021


Anyone that sells crafts, will understand why some things are expensive. However, Kate does a great job of explaining how things specifically apply to the things she makes. “Made to measure pieces are incredibly time consuming to make.” Understandably, the longer it takes to make something, the more it is going to cost. Kate goes on to imply that “you get what you pay for.” She emphasizes that “Time and materials are the most expensive part of a well made garment.” 

The Breaking Amish star has high standards for her products

Furthermore, it is apparent that Kate Stoltz has a high standard for her products. She explains that she refuses to pay less for labor to lower the cost of her clothes. “Prices are determined by materials plus labor. Charging less would mean lower quality fabrics or more hasty work since I refuse to pay less for labor than I do.”

Next, Kate shares that she isn’t opposed to making clothes accessible to everyone’s budge. However, it has “never been [her] goal to become another fast action brand.” She goes on to emphasize her values of “human labor and the environment.” Notably, she cares more about those than “making a quick dollar.” 

The fashion icon shows gratitude

In conclusion, Breaking Amish Kate Stoltz thanks everyone that took the time to read her long post.  “Thank you to everyone that took the time to read this LONG post and especially for continuing to support me throughout the years.”  Furthermore, she offers an alternative to purchasing her clothes. “I hope that even in my pieces are too expensive for you to personally buy that you might find some joy and inspiration in the outfits I post for your own outfits.”  Additionally, she offers a consolation. “Remember, style is more important than budget when you are dressing yourself.” 

Are you interested in purchasing clothes from Breaking Amish Kate Stoltz? Check out her website here. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Return to Amish/Breaking Amish news.

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