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Todd Chrisley Gives Advice To A Mom That Calls In To Podcast

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Weekly, Todd and Julie Chrisley record their podcast, Chrisley Confessions. During their podcast, they fill listeners in on what is going on in their lives. Also, they address messages listeners leave for them on the podcast’s voicemail. In this week’s episode, Todd and Julie hear from a child about how much they love the show. Then, the mom steps in to show her appreciation towards the Chrisley’s for helping her learn how to parent. Keep reading to find out what Todd and Julie have to say in return. 

Chrisley Knows Best Todd and Julie Chrisley give parenting advice on podcast

“It does our heart good each week to hear so many people call in to say they love our podcast because of the lessons they learn,” begins Todd Chrisley in response. Next, he addresses how the mother says, “I don’t know if I’m doing this right.” Todd reassures the mom by saying, “The fact that you say you don’t know, but you’re looking for another way, says you’re doing it right.” Julie chimes in with, “Give yourself some grace.” 

Next, Todd goes on to share some of his life experiences. he begins by saying, “None of us have our first child and are given a handbook.” From there, he starts doting on Nanny Faye. According to Todd, Nanny Faye kept Todd on the right path when it came to raising his children.


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Reality tv patriarch recalls potty training oldest son

Todd Chrisley goes on to talk about his potty training experience with Kyle. Relatively early in the process, Nanny Faye told him to spank Kyle. Todd was reading a book and against it at the time. Nanny Faye makes a great point. She explains anyone that who has time to write books, isn’t potty training children. At one point, Todd tells Kyle if he makes a mess, that he’s going to spank him. Then, Todd has a moment of clarity after Kyle goes to hide and make a mess in his pants. “Well, that told me if he knew to go hide, that means he knew what he was doing was wrong,” explains Todd.

Todd details that after he cleaned up Kyle he gave him about “three good licks.” He says he doesn’t know if it was “Faye’s way” or “God’s way,”  but after that, Kyle was potty trained.


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Todd also explains that when children are young, the tougher times are ahead. Unfortunately, he doesn’t give many details about what he means by that and moves on to the next caller.

What parenting advice would you give a first time a first-time parent? Let us know in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Chrisley Knows Best news. Make sure to tune into Chrisley Confessions late Wednesday/Thursday for the scoop on the Chrisleys from the Chrisleys.

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