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¡Muy Caliente! Mike Johnson And Natascha Bessez Leave Fans Wanting More

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Bachelor nation had to quickly turn up the AC after watching the premiere of Natascha Bessez and Mike Johnson’s newly released video. The two are in several intimate scenes together. Several fans took to Instagram and commented on the new release.

In the video Mike and Natascha dance slowly, run with sparklers, and walk together in the desert. Bessez also gives Mike an impressive lap dance and he pins her to the wall. The two hyped the video release up on their Instagrams. Bessez who got Bachelor nation’s attention on Listen to Your Heart is no longer with her crooning partner Ryan Neal. Bessez came into the competition later and blew the roof off with her impressive vocals. Of course, after seeing the two together, fans think they would make a great couple.

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What Did Fans Say About Natascha Bessez And Her New Video?

Natasha Bessez said the song is about true wealth and the quality of your relationships. She said when you’re rich like that you, “share it and throw that, “Mula to La Luna,” which is the name of the song.” One fan said, “just watched the video and I think I might be pregnant now.” Many fans had the same thoughts.

Another said, “step aside JLo there’s a new queen in town.” Meanwhile over on Mike’s Instagram, fans were going crazy as well. One said, “be right back. I’m going to start making music so I can potentially make out with Mike.” Another said, “we all knew he was a freak.” Several women reiterated they wish he’d been the lead. Many fans wanted him on the last season.  Even more commented on the firm bottom slap he gave Natascha and dreamed of him doing that to them.

The Two Are Very Proud Of Their New Project

Natascha Bessez shared a new clip of the video on her Instagram. In it she’s in Mike’s lap in a moving car wearing a sexy lace number. She said, “This video is for all those romantics that feel the richest when they’re in LOVE.” Rudi Gutierrez also from LTYH said it was her favorite video ever.”

Mike said, “you look amazing, killed it!” Natascha replied saying “you were the best inspiration a girl could ask for.”  Today she posted about the song and said they wrote it three years ago. She said when it did get written, “I was in love, deeply, with a person that made me feel as though there was nothing else I needed.”

She said the song “Mula to La Luna,” is inspired by their freedom on the open road together. What did you think about the video? Are these two a couple you’d ship? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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