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Is Dannielle Merrifield Roberta & Garrick’s Maid Of Honor?

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Earlier today (April 15) TLC shares the trailer for the new episode of Seeking Sister Wife. From the looks of it, Garrick and Dannielle travel to Cabo San Lucas to spend time with Roberta. Now that Garrick and Dannielle’s divorce is finalized, they’re making wedding plans for Garrick and Roberta. Keep reading to find if the future newlyweds want Dannielle Merrifield to be their maid of honor.

Seeking Sister Wife Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield plan a wedding in Mexico

The clip starts with the trio sitting down at a restaurant. Roberta points to Garrick and calls him “husband” and then to Dannielle and calls her “sister.” Surprisingly, Dannielle doesn’t seem to be jealous. In a confessional segment of the episode, she says, “It feels kind of surreal to be here.” However, it doesn’t seem like she means the situation with Roberta. She elaborates on how it isn’t often where they sit and have a meal together or sit and talk. Assumably, she means her and Garrick.

Viewers may notice that Garrick is displaying a lot of PDA towards Roberta, while Dannielle seems like the wedding planner. The agenda for the day includes the trio going to look at the wedding venue for Garrick and Roberta. Also of note, there is a noticeable language barrier. This is evidenced by the fact that Roberta and Dannielle are passing a phone back and forth in order to utilize a translator app.


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Do Garrick and Roberta want Dannielle to be the matron of honor?

Next, the producer asks Roberta what kind of bride is she? Roberta responds that she’s “an easy person to handle.” She elaborates with, “I do my best to appreciate every positive intention of every person that’s pouring their love into this ceremony.” Roberta also shares some of her thoughts about wedding planning. “I try to listen a lot and analyze a lot.” However, while she claims to be “an easy person to handle,” she also shares that she’s “a perfectionist.”

According to Garrick, Roberta wants Dannielle to be the maid of honor for the ceremony. “Being the matron of honor for Bert and Garrick’s ceremony will be very special because I’ll also be able to feel like I’m a part of it and it’s not just about Garrick and Roberta.” Additionally, Dannielle feels that as sister wives, this will symbolize them uniting as well.

What are your thoughts on Dannielle being the matron of honor in her ex-husband’s wedding? Do you really think it’s just a formality to be able to bring Roberta back to the United States? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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