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Is ‘Airplane Repo’ Fake? Fans Wonder About This Discovery Show

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The show Airplane Repo on Discovery may be getting viewers, but they wonder if this show is even real. A lot of shows on Discovery have fans wondering if they are entirely real or not. It turns out that someone from Airplane Repo actually admitted that this show was not always what you think.

Is Airplane Repo actually fake?

It isn’t easy to repossess an airplane and on this show, you get to see that. So is it all really going on when you watch on television? No, it isn’t exactly that with this reality show. A lot of people think that the show is actually staged. One reason is a lot of the time it doesn’t look like a camera would be there, but they just happen to get the entire thing on camera.

Proof it could be staged

Aircraft Compare revealed, “In reality, Popovich himself has stated that later episodes of the show are not realistic. The further into Airplane Repo you go, the less realistic the show becomes.” That is pretty disappointing to a lot of fans of the show, but it is the case. Other reality shows have admitted to staging things as well. It isn’t a total shock that Airplane Repo has to do that from time to time to get the perfect show.

Fans on Twitter

The fans of Airplane Repo aren’t quiet on Twitter. Here is what some had to say about the show on Discovery.

  • Watching Airplane Repo. I want a plane.
  • Binge watching this airplane repo show at the folks’ place it’s not lost on me how many times these white repo men have cops/security drawing guns on them while they steal $1m vehicle only to be congratulated after. No one shot yet
  • Airplane repo has to be the wildest show I ever seen lmaoooo
  • I need to know why Airplane repo as a career was not covered on career day.
  • Have a weird obsession with watching Airplane Repo. Makes me regret not going for my pilot license
  • Watching Airplane Repo before leaving for the day. I absolutely love the fake cops and fake FBI they have on the show. Absolutely hilarious. They went to an auction and bought up a few beautiful crown vics and eBay for the badges.
  • Airplane Repo is the worst acting I’ve ever seen. Sitcoms > Fake Reality Shows

Don’t miss episodes of Airplane Repo on Discovery on Thursday nights.

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