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Love Square? ‘Temptation Island’ Star Kendal Caught Between Alexcys and Nickole

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Temptation Island star Kendal Kirkland got over his head by hooking up with Alexcys Homan. He did this while his girlfriend, Erica Washington, was on the other island. However, Kendal has now brought Nickole Ciszak into the mix, while things get even more intense with Alexcys. Will this love triangle turn into a square, as everyone is unsure about their feelings?

Temptation Island star Kendal Kirkland

The Temptation Island love triangle just got even more complicated. For one thing, Kendal Kirkland, 26, is on one island, while his girlfriend, Erica Washington, is on the other island. Lately, he has been focusing on developing his connection with Alexcys Homan, 23.

Kendal on Temptation Islandf
Kendal on Temptation Islandf [Image @temptationtv/Instagram]
However, Kendal is also interested in 22-year-old Nickole Ciszak. In fact on the April 13 episode, the couple spent almost two hours talking, while Alexcys was not happy about this. How is Kendal going to decide who is his perfect woman?

Kendal and Nickole

In a sneak peek for next week’s episode, Nikole tells Kendal, “I’m gonna be real with you right now. I f**k with you hard in a way that, like, I never really thought [I would].” She tells him it is really confusing and it “really sucks.”

Nickole on Temptation Island
Nickole on Temptation Island [Image @temptationtv/Instagram]
Meanwhile, Kendal is unsure exactly which woman he wants. One moment, he tells Nickole that he doesn’t think she understands how amazing she really is. Kendal says he is not even trying to “gas” her, or trying to overdo it.

Kendal and Alexcys

In his confessional, Kendal says he has always liked to embrace challenges and try new things. He now wonders if maybe he should have gotten to know Nickole better. Kirkland says he has been pursuing Alexcys in the Temptation Island house. Meanwhile, he doesn’t even know if he is leaving the island with Alexcys, so everything is in the air right now.

For her part, Alexcys is trying to figure out her feelings for Kendal and wondering if he is “the one.” In her confessional, she asks, since Kendal got back from the bonfire, who has he been with? She says, “Not me. The girl he said not to worry about.” She wonders if she is just a placeholder until Kendal finds someone else. Alexcys does admit that seeing Kendal and Nickole together makes her totally second guess how she is feeling.

Alexsys on Temptation Island
Alexsys on Temptation Island [Image @temptationtv/Instagram]
Meanwhile, Alexcys tells Kendal, “You spent your whole entire time with her.” She adds that if he is going to be the guy that she wants at the end of the day, he will be her guy, nobody else’s. Alexcys stresses, “I don’t want anybody else to have any feelings.”

Catch the full teaser for next week’s episode of Temptation Island on Us Weekly’s website. Watch the episode on USA on Tuesday at 10 pm ET.

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